Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lush Ladybird Bubble Bar

The other week I ordered some items from the Lush Kitchen, but found out that because of some glitch on the website the item I wanted was actually out of stock. I've found that Lush offer some amazing customer service and this was proved even more when not only did I get a refund of the stuff unavailable, but they also offered my a complimentary product. I decided to go for a new product I haven't seen before - Ladybird Bubble Bar.

It's basically a bubble bar shaped just like a Ladybird. I'm guessing it's from the Mother's Day range of products, either way it looks amazing. 

This one has a range of different ingredients to create a quite sweet smelling bubble bar. The main ingredients in this one are peppermint, geranium and cornflower. I love sweet smelling stuff and this is no exception. To use it, just crumble under running water. The red, purple and white all come together to make the water turn a purple red color.

One bar gives you plenty of bubbles too. This is what I like about Lush bubble bars, they're really good about the amount of bubbles you can have in a bar and the scent is amazing too.


  1. This is so cute - definitely want to pick one up! Bubble bars are definitely my faovurite Lush product!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. That bath looks inviting. I think I need some Lush in my life.

    1. Bubble bars are a great product, i deifnately recommend x

  3. i adore bubble bars but i didn't know about this one, is it a new product? it looks really adorable and this post makes me wanna try it out..too bad i don't have any store in my town, but next time this will be in my list.

  4. Aww this is soo flipping cute. I like sweet smelling stuff too although I'm not a fan of peppemint x