Friday, 19 February 2016

Freedom Clubbed To Death Eyeshadow Palette

I love anything really bright and colorful, especially neon colors. When it comes to makeup I love it to stand out and definitely be noticeable. Freedom is the sister brand to Makeup Revolution, and when I was shopping on Beauty Crowd I noticed that they did a really bright 20 color eyeshadow palette. The palette is called Clubbed To Death and is £6.00.

At first glance this could be mistaken for a dupe for Urban Decay's Electric Palette. There are more colors in this one so it's not an exact dupe. Freedom's sister brand does a palette that looks just like this one called Color Chaos. The colors are laid out differently though and there are more colors in this one. Color Chaos only has 18.

Lovers of brights will absolutely love the color selection in this palette. Most are matte neons, but there are some shimmery brights too along with a few neutrals and dark purples and greens. I really don't get the neutrals. Why on earth would you want neutrals in with brights.

With so many colors it can be hard to choose where to start. I liked to use the white as a base and then apply other colors over and blend them into each other. My favorites were the bright yellow, green, pink and shimmery blues. 

The mattes aren't too dry, although they are a bit on the dry side. They did manage to blend easily and I did find that the pigment was good. The shimmery colors are much better than the mattes, especially the two shimmery blues. Once one they seemed to stay on and didn't crease or fade once.

Quality wise I did find this to be slightly better than Color Chaos. Although better, it still isn't a dupe for  Urban Decay's Electric. The pigments don't even compare. If you are on a budget this palette is probably the better choice over Urban Decay. I do although recommend the UD one as the pigments are fantastic. £38.00 may sound a bit much for eyeshadow but it is worth saving up as it is a fantastic palette.


  1. Oh wow this looks like so much fun! I very rarely wear eyeshadow but when I do I tend to stick to neutrals

  2. love those blue shadowed eyes! this is only my second comment but i feel like i already know your style, which is basically the opposite of mine but it's so fun yet realistic and i am lately experimenting and playing with color due to my work and i've already been downloading some of your pics to my makeup looks archive folder with the intention of trying and reproducing them or take inspiration from them for some of my next workshops.

    1. Thanks. The right tools and products really help too. Glad to see my looks give inspiration x

  3. Gorgeous colours, they look great on you :-D

  4. Now that is an impressive selection of colours! Great, bright colours!

  5. Not a palette I would pick up myself as I wouldn't wear the colours but a great one to have in a kit if you're an MUA

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