Thursday, 26 March 2020

MAC Holiday 2019 Collection Starring You

Every year around the holiday season, MAC always releases a huge makeup collection full of limited edition products and gift sets. I really liked the collection they brought out for 2019 and I decided it was time to shop!!

As usual for MAC's Holiday collections the packaging was limited edition. The collection was full of colors perfect for the Holiday season and if sparkly stand out colors is your thing then you would have loved this one.

Light Star Dipped Face Compact

Gold Sprinkle Of Shine Kit

Lavender Star Sighting Compact

Opalescent Powder

 Kiss Of Stars Lipstick

I really enjoyed the MAC Holiday collection for 2019. My favorites were the eyeshadow palette and the highlighter palette.

Goodies From Kat Von D

I really do like the products that Kat Von D bring out and last year in the sale in Debenhams I managed to grab a few items. I got myself the Rock Candy Mini Lipstick Set and a Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter.

This set is really nice as it features just the sort of colors I love to wear, ones that really stand out. There is not a natural color in sight in this set!! These are mini versions of the Studded Kiss lipsticks that Kat Von D sells. They are full of pigment and have a nice creamy texture. Plus they stay on for a long time.

Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter

This is basically a liquid highlight in a pen. To get the color out, you twist the bottom until you see product appear. At first it took a few clicks but once you get it started it doesn't take much for the color to appear. This highlight is super pigmented and you don't need a lot to get it to show up. I just love the amazing glow it gives too.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Heart Gift Set

I've reviewed quite a few of the gift sets that Makeup Revolution and I Heart Revolution brought out for Christmas 2019. In the sale I also managed to grab the Chocolate Heart Gift Set which has in it - Marshmallow Heart Highlighter, Toffee Apple Blusher Palette, Honey Chocolate Bar Palette and Gingerbread Chocolate Bar Palette.

It's a really nice gift set and has a good choice of products in it. If you love colors you will be spoilt for choice with what you get in this set.

Gingerbread Chocolate Bar Palette

Honey Chocolate Bar Palette

Toffee Apple Blusher Chocolate Bar Palette

Marshmallow Heart Highlighter

I really enjoyed using all of these products. My favorites had to be the Gingerbread Palette and the Marshmallow highlighter.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

I Heart Revolution Vending Machine

For Christmas 2019, I Heart Revolution brought out a range of different gift sets. What I like about this brand is how the make the items really cool and novel. I really liked the look of the Vending Machine gift set, which looks exactly like that, a vending machine. 

I think it is actually supposed to be an advent calendar for 12 days. On each day you will get a treat. Me being be goes an opens it all in one, yes I know, very naughty of me.

So you are probably wondering what is in this machine. Here goes:

Kabuki brush
Marshmallow blending sponge  
Baking powder
Pink lemonade setting spray
3 travel size brushes
Coconut lip gloss
Milk chocolate lip gloss
Salted caramel lip gloss
Mini chocolate marble bronzer palette
Mini ruby chocolate blusher palette
Mini dark chocolate eyeshadow palette
Mini white chocolate eyeshadow palette 


Dark Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

White Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

Mini Chocolate Marble Bronzer Palette

Mini Ruby Chocolate Blusher Palette

I really liked the palettes in this set as well as the setting spray. The scent on it is just amazing and it keeps my makeup looking nice all day. I'm not a fan of lipgloss so didn't use any of the ones that came with this set. I didn't think the powder was that great either.

As for the brushes they aren't the best, but definitely not the worst either. I gave the sponge a miss as I prefer to use brushes to apply my makeup. 

I got this one in the sale for around £15. They are selling this for full price in Superdrug at the moment for £50. It is no where near worth that amount.