Saturday, 21 October 2017

Barry M Meteor Storm Palette

Last month I saw that Barry M had released some awesome new eyeshadow palettes. I'm a big fan of palettes from any brand, so as soon as I had saw them on Barry M's Instagram page I got myself to my nearest Superdrug and had a look. One of the palettes I got was the Meteor Storm which features 8 colors in metallic and duochrome finishes. The packaging looks awesome too and has this outer space design on the front.

As far as palettes go, this one really isn't that bad, although the pigments could have been much stronger. Although for at the price of £9.99 you can't really complain. They blended nicely too and managed to stay on all day.

The last color on the right worked a lot better as a color dusted on top of others. As a color on it's own it wasn't really that strong and took a lot of work to build up.

If you love intense colors that stand out, this palette is definitely for you as you can create some amazing looks with it.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow

I'm loving Too Faced's Sweet Peach collection and I found the other day I had £40 of points on my Debenhams Beauty Club Card. I just love when I have enough points to get something nice and I decided to get the Sweet Peach Glow Palette from Too Faced.

It's basically a blusher, highlighter and bronzer in one palette. It is also scented of peach which is just amazing. The palette is really pigmented and I loved to use the blusher as a cheek color and then put the highlight color on my cheekbones. I didn't use the bronzer, but i'm sure it will be just as good as the blusher and highlighter.

The pigment is fantastic and blends nicely. I just loved how this gave my face a really nice glow. If you love Too Faced I recommend this palette as you will love it.

Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Highlighter

It's now October and Makeup Revolution have released a range of Halloween products. I saw the range in Superdrug and got a few items, one of them being this awesome highlighter with a Halloween friendly name - Ghost Lights.

Apart from the amazing color (I will talk about that a bit later) it has this skull design in the actual product. I love how Makeup Revolution have made the product really spooky looking by designing it like that.

Now for the color. It's described as an iridescent pearlescent white highlighter with a pink shift when reflected against light. It may be a Halloween product but I see no reason why this can't be used any time of year. I love highlighters that have a good amount of pigment in them and this one is great. You don't have to use a lot of it either to get the color to show up.

I just love the glow this one gave my skin. If you love highlighters I do recommend this one.

Makeup Revolution Midnight Unicorn Palette

Last week I was in Superdrug and noticed that Makeup Revolution had a limited edition range of Halloween products out. Yes, it's October already and Halloween is not far away. I'm a big fan of eyeshadows and I saw that Makeup Revolution had some new ones out, one of them being called Midnight Unicorn.

The Midnight Unicorn palette features 16 shimmer eyeshadows in colors that really stand out. If you are more of a natural eyeshadow person this palette isn't for you. For people like me who love intense colors, this palette is right up your street.

If you love your color it can be hard to decide where to start when you have so many amazing ones in front of you. My favorite colors are pinks, purples and blues so I ended up creating different looks with those sorts of colors. There was a good amount of pigment in them apart from one of the purple shades which I thought didn't have much pigment at all. All of the other colors were fine and blended nicely too. Another great thing is they didn't crease either and stayed on all day.

Makeup Revolution Soph Eeyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution is a budget brand I really like and have very recently released a new eyeshadow palette. It's a collaboration between Sophie from SophDoesNails and Makeup Revolution. In the palette are 14 matte and 10 shimmers in a wide range of colors from natural to dramatic.

Most of the colors are guaranteed to give you a look that really stands out, although if you prefer something more natural you could create a look that you like too. As I love colors that are very intense. I was spoilt for choice with this palette. Although the matte shades were great I preferred the shimmers as I love a bit of sparkle. I did think the mattes were a bit on the dry side and did come out a bit powdery. The shimmers were much better and had a good amount of pigment in them and blended nicely. Although not pigmented on the same level as brands like Urban Decay, for £10.00 this is a rather good palette.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette

Whenever I see a new palette, especially from a brand that I love, I get super excited. When I was at Too Faced the other week I noticed that they had a new palette out called Glitter Bomb. The really sparkly colors in it stood out to me and I knew that I had to get this palette.

So what is it, you are probably wondering. It's basically a glittery eyeshadow palette with 8 sparkly shades. It also comes with matte white and blacks to use as base colors. The colors can be worn on their own but I think they work best with a base on.

As this is a glitter palette I do think it is best to wear an eyeshadow primer to stop the glitter from falling down and to make sure your eyeshadow stays on all day. I preferred to use the matte black as a base. The black had a really good amount of pigment and worked as a really good base for the glitter.

There are so many good colors of glitter to choose from and once the base color was on I just layered the glitter colors on top and made them look very intense. The glitter went on more like an eyeshadow rather than a glitter. What has put me off glitter before, is how loose and easy it is to drop down. With the glitter in this palette, once it is on it doesn't transfer or drop down and stayed on all day without creasing or fading.

Also available and sold separately to this palette is the Glitter Glue Shadow Primer which is designed to keep the glitter on all day. It did have a bit of a sticky feel to it, but not very tacky as you would think a glue would be. The sticky feel isn't really a problem, but as I used the Urban Decay Shadow Primer as a base underneath all of the other colors, I found that the Glitter Glue was unnecessary as my Urban Decay primer kept the glitter in place. The Glitter Glue would be good if you didn't have a good eyeshadow base already.

The colors in this palette look amazing and look even better on.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Apart from liquid lipsticks, highlighters are my must have products right now. The other day I got one of the Love Light Highlighters from Too Faced. It comes in this really amazing heart shaped silver compact and is available in three different shades. The color I got was called Blinded By The Light which is a warm beige with a pearl finish.

Too Faced describe this one as a prismatic highlighter which combines the best of liquid, powder, baked and cream powder formulas for unparalleled radiance. 

This one gives the most amazing glow. When it comes to highlighters I like these sorts of shades as they look fantastic on. I didn't have to keep layering it on as the color had a good amount of pigment which meant I didn't have to use much. It stayed on all day too without fading.

I want to try the other colors that are available too as they look amazing on.