Thursday, 5 July 2018

Viseart Editorial Brights Palette

Viseart is a brand I have seen for a while but hadn't gotten around to trying any of their products. It is a professional brand from Paris and all products are produced without parabens, silicons or artificial dyes. The brand is mainly available online but I think some specialist makeup stores sell it. I was at IMATS in May and noticed a few Viseart products for sale. As I love my bright colors I just had to get the Editorial Brights Eyeshadow Palette.

It has 12 super pigmented matte brights in it. When I say this palette is bright, I am not exaggerating. The colors in this one are extremely bright and come out very intense on the eyes too.

For a matte palette the colors in this one have a very smooth texture to them and blend like a dream. To ensure they stayed on all day I used my Urban Decay Shadow Primer which prevented creasing too.

I enjoyed using this palette and creating different looks with it. This is one of my favorite bright eyeshadow palettes.

MAC Basic Bitch Palette

The Basic Bitch Palette is from MAC's The Girls collection, which features 9 palettes in a range of colors with names such as Classic Cutie and Power Hungry. Basic Bitch features 8 eyeshadows in smoky grey tones as well as a highlighter. Each palette in the collection features different artwork on it. This one comes in black and white stripe.

I love darker colors so when I saw this palette I knew I had to get it. Each color is very pigmented but does have quite a bit of fallout. I always apply eyeshadows before foundation, but with this palette I would definitely apply eyeshadow first because of the fallout. Having to clean up eyeshadow that has dropped down after you have put on your foundation is no fun.

I liked to blend the colors together to create one unique look, but they can be worn individually too. To prevent creasing I used my Urban Decay Shadow Primer.

If you love a smoky eye and darker colors, then I would definitely recommend the Basic Bitch palette.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Why I Despise My Curly Hair

Having hair like mine is a complete nightmare. Sure it looks very smooth and straight but it's hard work. One major problem, my hair is naturally curly and I just hate it.

In all of my photos my hair is nice and straight. For me natural doesn't suit me.

I'm sick of reading everywhere things like 'every woman wants and dreams of curly hair.' No they do not. And it really annoys me when people tell me my curls look 'lovely' and 'you should wear your hair natural.' I don't care if they say they like it, I hate it and thats what matters. No amount of compliments about 'how lovely curls look' is going to make me want them.

So you're probably wondering how on earth my hair is so straight. It's simple. I invest in a weekly blowdry.

I never wash and dry my hair by myself for a very good reason. My hair is so thick it takes ages to dry, at least 45 minutes. And what is worse is the curl. Having my hair done by a professional each week ensures my hair looks very smooth and poker straight. I cannot do it myself as I cannot get it straight as a hairdresser can. The moment I pick up a hairdryer my hair puffs out. No amount of product will stop it going like it does.

I really want my hair chemically straightened. I would love nothing more than to permanently get rid of the curl. I keep reading contradicting stories about chemical straightening. That as my hair is bleached no one will do it. Then I hear that some hairdressers will do it on my hair depending on the brand of product. 

So why do I hate my curls. I just hate the way they look on me. It actually makes my face look fat and curls don't suit me. I much prefer my hair looking straight. I just don't get the fascination with curly hair, even my hairdresser hates it. She said it looks old fashioned.

So unless I can find a permanent solution to getting rid of my curls, looks like I will be sticking with my weekly blowdry.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette

If you love highlighters and that summer glow then I highly recommend Bobbi Brown's Highlight And Glow Shimmer Brick Palette. I noticed this palette when I was at the Bobbi Brown counter the other week. I've also tried the shimmer bricks too and think they are great. It is really nice to find a palette that has three of them in.

The palette is limited edition and contains three different shades - Rose, Copper Diamond and Apricot.  Rose is available as a color separately, but the other two are exclusive to this palette.

The pigment and color payoff of these colors is amazing. Each color gives my face this fantastic glow that stays looking great all day. The colors are very blendable and have a nice smooth texture too. I used the colors in Rose as blushers and used Copper Diamond and Apricot as bronzers. The great thing about the shimmer bricks is they don't make you look orange either.

MAC Beach Nut Lipstick

MAC's Mirage Noir is a fantastic summer themed collection with products such as lipsticks and eyeshadows. From the collection I got Beach Nut which is a matte purple lipstick. It comes in this awesome limited edition packaging too which seems to have a two tone effect. I love purple lipsticks so when I saw this color I had to get it.

Even though it is a matte it does have a nice feel to it when on the lips, doesn't feel at all dry. It's also very pigmented and I didn't have to use a lot of it to get the color to show up. Once on it stayed on most of the day and didn't need a lot of reapplying.

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter

If you love highlighters then you must try the Diamond Light Highlighter from Too Faced. Described as a one of a kind highlighter it is actually infused with real crushed diamond powder and light reflecting pearls to create a rainbow diamond fire glow. 

It comes in this amazing packaging too that looks like a jewelry box. 

To use you just swirl your brush in the pink, blue and gold shades to create a custom highlight that can be used anywhere. The pigment in it is amazing and really stands out once it is on. I didn't have to use a lot to get the color to show up and it had a nice smooth texture to it too.

Now sold out online, I got mine at the Too Faced counter at Debenhams. So if you want one do check different counters as they may still have some.

Primark P.S. Mini Haul

Over the last few years Primark has expanded it's P.S. range of makeup. I've tried a bit of it before and find it quite hit and miss. The good thing about it is, it is priced very cheap, which means if it turns out to be rubbish you haven't spent a lot of money on it. It is possible to find a few items which are quite nice out of the rubbish ones. I did notice that they had some new products in so decided to grab a few.

Sweet Cheeks Blush And Highlight Palette
I do love a good palette and when I saw this one I had to grab it. The blushers and highlighters look quite cute inside and come in 4 different shades. Lilac and pink with a bronzer and highlighter color too. Each color has a candy themed name such as Jelly Bean and Candy Floss. They are scented too which does sound good but in reality the scent smells really fake.

Color wise the pigment wasn't that bad. It did take a bit of work to get the color looking intense and they seemed to blend alright too. I did really like the highlighter in this palette as I thought that was quite good. I didn't use the bronzer shade as it looked like it would make me look quite orange. 

Bubble Blush Cushion Blusher
These looked quite good so I decided to grab the two of them, one in coral the other in pink. I have never seen cushion blushers before. If you are familiar with cushion foundations then these are a very similar idea. Using the sponge included you just dab it into the color and then apply to the cheeks. They did come out a bit sheer at first, but after a few more applications I got the color looking intense. As these are a cream product I applied them after foundation and before powder to prevent them going patchy.

Double Dimension Highlighting Powder
I love highlighters and the colors of these ones really caught my eye. The pigment in them wasn't the best and I really had to dig my brush into the color to get it to show up on my face. Once on they did give my face a nice glow. Purple was my favorite.

Shadow And Shade The Smoky Edit Eyeshadow Palette
This 9 color eyeshadow palette strongly resembles the MAC ones and I'm pretty sure this is another Primark copy. Primark seem to be copying a lot of other brands and bringing out a cheaper version of it. The colors in this one looked great and were really nice and intense. I love dark colors that stand out, so definitely had to get this palette. Pigment was alright, although some colors had a dry feel to them and took a bit of work to blend. To stop creasing I used my Urban Decay Shadow Primer. It may look exactly like the MAC palettes, but the quality isn't the same.

I didn't think that these products were that bad. I wasn't too fussed on the eyeshadow though. If you are looking for very inexpensive makeup to try out or just don't want to spend much I would recommend trying these ones.