Thursday, 21 November 2019

Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills have some of the most amazing eyeshadow palettes I have seen. Back in the summer they collaborated with drag artist Alyssa Edwards to release a bright pink palette. This 14 color palette has colors that really do stand out such as bright pink and yellow. If you are not afraid of color you need this palette.

Most colors are matte, but there are a few shimmers in there too. I just love the brush that comes in all Anastasia palettes. One of the best eyeshadow brushes I have used. 

I really enjoyed playing with the colors in this palette to create different looks. My favorite colors were the bright pink, yellow, blue and purple shades. The black in this one is amazing and makes a fantastic eyeliner as it is so pigmented. 

This is limited edition so if you want one you need to get one soon.

Revolution Roxi Roxxsaurus Color Burst Palette

Revolution have brought out some really nice eyeshadow palettes lately. They seem to be doing more and more collaborations with people such as influencers. I really like my bright colors so decided to get the Roxi Roxxsaurus Color Burst Palette. I have no idea who Roxi is supposed to be, but I do like the color choice in this palette.

It features a mix of 18 matte and shimmer colors that really do stand out. I had a lot of fun playing with them.

There was plenty of pigment and they blended nicely too. If you love color then I highly recommend this palette. 


Revolution Forever Flawless Ice Palette

Cool tones for eyeshadow are my favorite colors to wear, especially blues. So when I saw the Forever Flawless Ice Palette from Revolution, I had to get it.

It features 18 colors in a mix of mattes and shimmers all in cool tones such as blue, green and silver. There are many different looks to create and I really enjoyed playing with all of the colors. My favorites were the darker shades.

The colors have a good amount of pigment and blend nicely too. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

This post is all about the infamous Subculture Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Released back in 2017, this palette became a disaster. People all over the world were very disappointed in a palette that did not meet their expectations at all. Complaints included everything from colors not blending properly, to the palette being too pigmented and even massive fallout.

Time has now moved on and so has this particular palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills had made a few changes to the product to make it the palette it was always supposed to have been. I never tried the original palette so cannot comment on what it was like. I did get this palette a few months back and have nothing bad to say about it.

It features 14 colors in a mix of matte and shimmers. I really do like the double ended brush that comes with the Anastasia palettes, I wouldn't use any other brush for putting my eyeshadow on.

I got on very well with the colors in this palette, I found that the colors blended nicely. It is very pigmented, but I didn't notice any major fallout. 

I'm not a fan of natural makeup and the colors in this one were right up my street. I enjoyed creating a look with them.

If these are the sort of colors you would wear I definitely recommend Subculture to you.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Highlight And Blush Palette

I'm a big fan of Urban Decay and love seeing them bring out new collections and products. Last year they brought out the Naked Cherry palette along with other cherry themed products. I really liked the look of the Naked Cherry Highlight And Blush Palette as the colors in it are amazing.

It features three different colors - two highlight and one blush. These are just the sort of colors I enjoy wearing so this palette was a must for me.

Every color is very pigmented and they all go on really nice and smooth. The highlighters can we worn on their own or both colors at once. My favorite way to wear them was to layer them on top of each other. Whichever way you wear them they will give your skin this amazing glow. 

I just love this palette and have put it on my list of my favorite products to use.

Christmas Heart Highlighters From I Heart Revolution

It's that time of year again when many makeup brands release Christmas themed products and I Heart Revolution is no exception. Last year they released this amazing gift set featuring five limited edition heart shaped highlighters. I Heart Revolution has brought out quite a few of these highlighters, but these ones are all Christmas themed with names such as Candy Cane Heart and Snowflake Heart.

The packaging is super cute and the colors are just amazing. All of them are very pigmented and give your skin this awesome glow. My favorites were Candy Cane Heart and Snowflake Heart.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette

Christmas is almost here again and I just love all of the new products that are getting released. Last year I got the Gingerbread Spice Palette from Too Faced. This amazing palette features 18 fantastic colors with the amazing scent of gingerbread.

Too Faced have brought this one out again for this year along with a new palette that I shall be looking forward to.

The pigment in this palette is just insane and if like me you love your colors, this palette is right up your street.

Check out these colors!!