Monday, 15 October 2018

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette - Visionary

If you love wearing purples on your eyes then the Visionary palette from Makeup Revolution is right up your street. This palette is from the brands Reloaded range and features 15 colors in a mix of matte and shimmer.

Purples are my favorite shades to wear and I was spoilt for choice with color with this palette. I liked to use the cream shimmer shade as a base and highlighter under my brows. I then built up other colors on top. The pigment seemed to be good and the mattes weren't at all drying either. I was able to blend the colors easily too.

By using my Urban Decay Shadow Primer the colors stayed on all day without creasing.

I Heart Revolution Galactic Chocolate Bar Palette

I Heart Revolution bring out many different chocolate bar palettes. The latest one of theirs I have tried is the Galactic Bar. It looks exactly like a bar of chocolate with a metallic finish. It also contains 18 amazing colors in a mix of mattes and shimmers. This is one of my favorite palettes the brand has released as it is full of colors that I love using - purples, pinks and darker shades such as grey and black.

I like how I Heart Revolution have put the color names actually into the packaging rather than sticking them on a plastic sheet. Those sheets can get very annoying. 

When it comes to eyeshadow, purple has to be my favorite color to use. The pigments in the colors in these ones was good and they seemed to blend nicely too. I hate it when mattes can come out powdery and dry in some palettes, these ones seemed to be alright.

By wearing my Urban Decay Shadow Base the colors stayed on all day without creasing. 

I Heart Revolution Diamond Highlighters

I Heart Revolution have brought out some new highlighters which are diamond themed. There are three available and come in hard packaging similar to the brands heart shaped highlighters. These ones are also shaped like diamonds too which I think makes them look even better. 

The highlighters are called Girls Best Friend, Princess Cut and Champagne And Diamonds. They have a baked finish to them with two different shades.

The pigment in each of these is very good. I didn't have to put a lot on my brush to get the color to show up, the texture wasn't too powdery either. I liked to swirl my brush in the product and apply it from there, although you can put your brush in each individual color if you prefer. My favorite out of them was Princess Cut.

Girls Best Friend

Champagne And Diamonds
Princess Cut

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

New Palettes From W7

After seeing that W7 had brought out some new eyeshadow palettes, I was really eager to get some for myself. There were two I really liked the look of - Life's A Beach and Spaced Out. Both offer a range of different colors.

Life's A Beach is a palette great for summer, as it has really nice bright colors such as yellow and turquoise. Spaced Out is perfect for those who love something dramatic, especially if you like creating a smoky eye.

Each palette comes in hard card packaging which doesn't feel really thin either but quite sturdy. I like how there is a different design on each palette too.

In both I did find the pigment good. Not as good as Urban Decay, but still for the price, really not that bad. I did think the white shade in each palette could have had better pigment, as it did come out very sheer. Blending wasn't too hard either and I was able to create a few different looks with both palettes.

Out of the two I liked Spaced Out best. Life's A Beach was a nice palette too, but I liked the colors in Spaced Out better.

Too Faced Throwback Metallic Lipsticks

It is Too Faced's 20th birthday this year. Can you believe it has been 20 years since the brand first started. To celebrate 20 amazing years the brand released a birthday collection. When I saw the Metallic lipsticks in the collection I just had to get them. 

There are 10 lipsticks available in a full coverage creamy formula. Too Faced have reimagined their original 8 shades with a 2018 twist. 

The colors I got were Bionic, Hoochie, Trampula, Hot Flash, Pixie Stick, Marcia Marcia Marcia, TF20.

Bionic, Hoochie, Trampula, Hot Flash, Pixie Stick, Marcia Marcia Marcia, TF20

As far as pigment goes these lipsticks have plenty. I did find that some lipsticks stayed on longer than others. Some colors stayed on almost all day without reapplying, while others needed reapplying very often. Once on the colors looked amazing and really did stand out. If you love your lipstick to be bright and dramatic, you will love these ones.

Pixie Stick


Hot Flash


Marcia Marcia Marcia



Out of them all my favorites had to be TF20 and Pixie Stick. Unfortunately these ones are limited edition and most of them have sold out. Too Faced's online store may still have some left.

MAC Aaliyah Collection

I was in Las Vegas in July and managed to do a bit of shopping. In one of the malls I went to I had a look in the MAC store and noticed that they were selling the Aaliyah collection. I have been excited for this collection for ages. 

It is us Aaliyah fans to thank for the release of this collection. For ages we have wanted to see MAC release a collection dedicated to her. In 2016 MAC released a Selena Quintanilla collection, so it was highly likely that an Aaliyah one would be released too. I, like many other Aaliyah fans put my name down on the petition and finally this year the collection was released.

Even looking at the collection photos got me excited. It is a nice size collection, not too big and not too small. In it are lipstick and lipglass in a range of colors, bronzing powder, eyeshadow and lip pencils.

From this collection I got the eyeshadow palette and a lipstick. Every product in this collection comes in this awesome red limited edition packaging. Even though it is a limited edition collection some items are still available on the MAC online store.

Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow Palette
Out of all of the products in the collection this one has to by my favorite. It's full of just the sort of colors I like to wear on my eyes - purple and gold shades. It features 9 colors which are very wearable and blend nicely too. The pigment in each color was very good and I didn't have to use a lot to get the color looking intense either. 

Out of all of the lipsticks, I liked More Than A Woman best. It is a cool deep red with an Amplified finish. I like these sorts of reds rather than warm reds. Cool reds seem to suit my skin tone best. This one went on my lips nice and smooth, it sort of glided on. Plus the pigment was very good too. I didn't have to reapply it much throughout the day either.

Overall this is a really nice collection and I'm glad MAC decided to release this one. Aaliyah would have been proud.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Too Faced Then And Now Palette

I'm a really big fan of Too Faced and this year they are celebrating their 20th anniversary of making really amazing makeup. What better way to celebrate it than with a brand new limited edition eyeshadow palette. 

The Then And Now Palette features 20 different eyeshadows. 10 of them are the original 10 colors from 1998. The other 10 are brand new shades inspired by the originals, with a 2018 twist. The colors are a mix of pearl matte and glimmer shades.

It's quite a good sized palette and comes in pink glitter. As soon as it is opened not only do you see the most amazing color choice, but also the best scent ever - birthday cake.

With so many colors to choose from it can be quite hard deciding where to start. To help you create some amazing looks Too Faced have also supplied a look book telling you how to create different looks. I really enjoyed playing with the colors and blending them all together. Each color has an amazing amount of pigment in it and blended like a dream. By wearing my Urban Decay Shadow Primer underneath the color stayed on without creasing.

I just love this palette and the colors in it. This one is limited edition, so if you want one I would get one now.