Saturday, 28 March 2015

Stargazer UV Lipsticks

I love anything bright, so I got these UV lipsticks by Stargazer. They come in a range of colors and look really bright, even under normal light. The colors also glow under a blacklight. I got UV Purple, UV Red and UV Orange. They come in regular lipstick packaging and were around £3.00.

All 3 lipsticks are really bright, even under a normal light. They have a mix of matte and creamy texture to them. They do need a bit of work to make the color opaque on the lips. Once the color had been built up, they looked fab and very very bright. The red and orange look very similar, although there is a slight difference. Under the UV light, they both looked identical. My favorite out of the 3 was the purple. Throughout the day they did start to fade and did need reapplying. If you have dry lips, make sure you moisturize before as these can be a bit drying. Apart from that I loved the UV effect as it looked fab.

UV Purple

UV Red

UV Orange

Friday, 27 March 2015

Lush Easter Goodies Part 2

I'm really loving Lush's Easter collection, so decided to get two more things from the collection - Bunch Of Carrots and Hoppity Poppity. Both are for the bath and are very Easter themed. Bunch Of Carrots are 3 bubble bars that look like carrots. They come in a bunch so they look exactly like a bunch of carrots. Hoppity Poppity is a bath bomb that is shaped like a bunny rabbit.

Bunch Of Carrots

As I said these are 3 bubble bars that look like a bunch of carrots. These are £5.95 but you can get many baths out of them. I've had 5 baths with them and there is still plenty left. To use, I start running the bath and hold the three carrots together. I then swish them in the water and before long a load of bubbles start appearing. They smell very citrus which is probably because they have lemon and bergamot oil in them. The water also goes a pale orange color at the start but then goes clear.

Hoppity Poppity

This is a bath bomb that is shaped like a bunny rabbit. It looks so cute and when you drop it into the bath it starts fizzing right away. The water eventually goes clear but first goes pink. There is also popping candy in this one which is quite cool. It does have a nice relaxing scent to it which reminds me a lot of lavender.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Lush Easter Goodies

Lush have a really fab range of Easter themed products along with a number of ones for Mother's Day. When I was at the Lush bloggers event last week I got a few of the new items - Bubblegrub, Immaculate Eggception and Fluffy Egg.

Bubblegrub is one of Lush's Bubbleroons. The Bubblegrub is a really cute looking bug that looks like something you might find in your garden on a nice Spring afternoon. To use just hold under running water and then crumble it. Loads of bubbles appear in no time. I split the Bubblegrub into two sections, this one is really easy to do and he comes in two parts. This allowed me to have two baths from this product. The bottom half made the water turn a nice shade of pale green while the top half turned the water an orange brown. I really liked the scent too, I can't place it exactly but it reminded me of gardening and the outdoors. Apparently the eyes are made of chocolate which you can eat.

Immaculate Eggception
This is a bath bomb that is shaped like an easter egg. It's a large sized bath bomb that you can have around three baths with. It comes in two different colors - yellow and pink. I got the yellow one as it looked more Spring like to me. To use you break it in half where there is another small egg inside. In this one was a small white bunny egg. I found opening the egg was a bit tricky, I ended up just breaking it open. This one has a really nice citrus smell to it which turns the bath water yellow. The egg inside has a similar scent but the water just stays clear. This one is my favorite Lush easter bath bomb.

Fluffy Egg
This is a pink easter egg bath bomb. It's smaller than the Immaculate Eggception and is sized more like Lush's regular bath bombs. As soon as I dropped it into the water it started fizzing and made the water go this amazing shade of pink. The best bit about it is the most amazing scent of cotton candy.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lush Easter and Mother's Day Blogger Event Goodies

On Monday I went to the Lush Easter and Mother's Day Blogger event in their store in Cardiff. At the event they gave us goody bags with three new items in there. We got the Golden Egg, Secret Garden and Yummy Mummy Shower Gel. I enjoyed using these products and i'm now reviewing them.

Golden Egg
This is a limited edition bath bomb for Easter. It's not hard to see why it's called the Golden Egg. It's egg shaped and has a really nice gold look to it. To use, drop it into the bath and wait for the water to change. This bath bomb does take a while to work and doesnt change right away. As you watch it fizz away the water changes to a yellowy color with shimmer. It also has the most amazing scent of honey and toffee. I really liked the shimmer that the Golden Egg gives off, it also leaves your bath a lovely gold color.

Secret Garden
This is a Mother's Day product and has a floral theme to it. It's a green bath bomb with a flower design on it. This bath bomb starts to work as soon as you drop it in the bath and the water starts to go green, but eventually has pink in it too. It has a really nice scent of rose in it and leaves flower petals in the water.

Yummy Mummy Shower Gel
Yummy Mummy is a limited edition shower gel for Mother's Day. It comes in three different sizes - 100g, 250g and 500g. In our goody bags we were given the 100g one. This is a really nice lilac colored shower gel that has a really nice sweet scent to it.

I really enjoyed trying the new products. Thanks Lush. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lush Easter And Mother's Day Blogger Event, Cardiff

Last night I was invited to Lush's Easter and Mother's Day blogger event in their store in Cardiff. I always like Lush events as they are great and really fun. This one was all about their new products for Easter and Mother's Day. As we got there we were greeted by the staff at Lush and offered refreshments which included easter eggs.

The event was really informal and relaxed. Staff were happy to show us all of the products and answer any questions we had. They also showed us demos of various products we were interested in. The easter and mother's day products are limited edition. My favorites were the easter themed bath products. A lot of them looked like easter eggs which I thought was quite cool. Other items that were very suitable for easter were bunnies and carrots. I especially liked the giant carrot soap. Out of interest I did ask the price, which was about £70!! Fortunately the soap is available in smaller sizes.

You could also get your picture taken in the Instagram frame. I couldn't not have my picture taken. #LushCardiff

With the giant carrot

I really enjoyed looking at all the new Lush stuff. I decided to buy Immaculate Eggception, Bubblegrub, Fluffy Egg and Dirty Springwash Shower Gel. Lush also gave all of us a goody bag with some great things in there. I got Golden Egg, Secret Garden and Yummy Mummy Shower Gel.

Golden Egg, Secret Garden and Yummy Mummy

The products in the goody bag look fab. I really enjoyed the event. Thanks Lush.