Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight is one of those bath bombs Lush do, but I always seem to look past them as they are an item that is available all year around. I also like trying stuff I haven't tried before and Twilight is one of those very products. It's a really nice pink color and has star patterns on it. I was really wondering what it would look like in the water.

Twilight is a great product to help you sleep and calm you down. Some of the ingredients in this one are lavender and ylang ylang oil. Lavender is actually used in aromatherapy to help treat insomnia.

Once dropped in the water it gives off a pink foam. There isn't just pink in this one and in no time at all this blue foam started to come out of the middle and swirl around the water. Once dissolved the water changes to this awesome dark purple color. 

I really like the scent of lavender and although I didn't have any trouble sleeping at the time I used this, I did find it extremely calming. This is a great one to use not long before you go to bed, it really does calm you down for the evening.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lush Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

For Valentines Day Lush have brought out a small range of limited edition products. I hate Valentines Day personally, but if a brand I know and love brings out new stuff I will happily try it. One of Lush's products I enjoy using are their bath bombs and a new one has been released for Valentines Day.

It's called Lover Lamp and is a white colored bath bomb with red hearts. It's a really sweet scented product and contains chocolate orange, vanilla absolute and orange oil. Alhough white bath bombs are not really colorful like many other Lush ones, you can actually be pleasantly surprised at what they do in the water.

This one fizzes extremely fast when dropped into the water and turns it this cloudy white color. Inside the bath bomb are loads of small red hearts and these start to spread out. The bigger hearts on the outside of the product also start moving around the water.

The hearts seems to be made of this really creamy buttery product that feels nice and moisturizing. You can definitely rub them into your skin and they don't stain either. I do wonder if this product is supposed to remind you of a lava lamp. I can just picture the liquid inside a lava lamp moving around like the water in the bath. The creamy hearts swishing around could definitely pass for lava.

Bathing in this one is definitely like bathing in a bath of Terry's white chocolate orange. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lush Snowman Fun

Recently I have discovered the wonders of Lush Fun. They're this really versatile product that basically resembles play-doh. You can mould it into whatever shape you want and it can be used as bubble bath, shower gel, soap or shampoo. It really does live up to it's name - Fun, and also comes in a range of different colors. For Christmas, Lush brought out a snowman one. I'm pretty sure it's been done the year before and has 3 colors - white, black and orange. Everything you need to create your own snowman.

Fun is really mouldable and I had great fun making my snowman. The scent is really citurssy which is probably due to the bergamot oil, sicilian lemon oil and gardenia extract. As a soap it lathers up really well. I didn't use it as a bubble bath, but I have used another Fun as one and that worked really well creating loads of bubbles.

My snowman

I had some leftover too so I ended up making Shaun The Sheep

If you haven't tried Fun already I definitely recommend it. It is so much fun.

Miss Patisserie Twinkle Twinkle Bath Fizz

For Christmas I got quite a few things from Miss Patisserie, one of them being Twinkle Twinkle Bath Fizz. It's basically a mini bath bomb shaped like a star and is this awesome blue color. There is some sparkle on it too which is no surprise as it is Twinkle Twinkle after all.

Scented with Middle Eastern Oud and Musk, as soon as it gets dropped into the water it gives this really awesome show of color. It fizzes quite fast too which is unusual for bath bombs from this brand, they normally take a long time to fully fizz. All different shades of blue start to appear before they start trailing off and creating their own pattern. On the water you can see some shimmer appearing too which adds to the starry effect.

Once dissolved the water goes a dark blue color which reminds me of the night sky. It's a shame this one is a Christmas item as it's one of my favorites from Miss Patisserie.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lush Guardian Of The Forest Bath Bomb

I love using Lush bath bombs and when I saw Guardian Of The Forest, I had to give it a go. It's one of those products everyone should try. This one seems to be only available on the Lush website. My local Lush store never has this one for sale, so I'm guessing its online only.

Right away you can tell that this one is nature themed just by looking at it. The name sort of gives it away too, but it's also a green color and has a sort of floral pattern on it too. 

Some of the ingredients include cypress oil, lime oil, rosewood oil and oakmoss. The rosewood is what gives this one it's scent. I was so eager to use this one I forgot to take a picture of it. So I ended up just getting the photo from Lush.

Described by Lush as transforming your bath into a mystical oak moss and cypress forest lagoon. As soon as you drop it into the water it starts to fizz quite a bit and gives off this amazing green foam that spreads out across the water. There were also some different shades of green appearing too, I really liked the two tone effect and there was even some shimmer in there.

Once dissolved, the water went this really nice green color. I can definitely picture myself walking through the forest with this one. The cypress oil and oak moss take me right away to a Spring day walking through the woods. The scents are strong, but not overpowering. 

I haven't tried many green bath bombs which is a shame because green is such a fab color. I'm glad I tried this one as it gave an awesome display of color in the bath. I definitely recommend.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My Trip To The Bath Thermae Spa

Last week it was my friend's birthday so we decided to have a trip to Bath and visit the Thermae Spa. For those of you who don't know Bath is home to natural thermal springs that were discovered hundreds of years ago. The waters have been enjoyed by Celts, Romans, Saxons, Georgians and many people today.

In the waters you can find over 42 different minerals. In 2006 the spa was restored and over 1 million litres of the water flow from the springs every day and are used in the Thermae Bath Spa. The water is nicely heated to 33.5 C. 

The Thermae is award winning and there are over 40 spa treatments and packages available. You can bathe in the Minerva bath, the open air rooftop pool and go in the steam rooms too. 

Open air rooftop pool

Minerva bath

The spa is located right in the middle of Bath and is very easy to find. On arrival you are given a robe, towel and slippers to wear around the spa. There are plenty of changing rooms and free lockers available. A word of warning, the spa is really strict about people taking in phones, so for all you selfie lovers out there be careful as you will get told off.

We went for the Thermae Treat package which was £72.00. You get 3 hours in the spa, which includes a back massage and facial or back massage, head and foot massage. I had a back, foot and head massage, which was very relaxing. It was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep. 

Other treatments you can have include hot stones spa therapy, body wraps and hot bath treatments.

I really enjoyed going in the spa pools. The water is naturally heated and is so nice and warm. The roof top pool was my favorite. It's basically an outdoor pool on the roof. It felt really weird going in an outdoor pool in the middle of January. The cold air outside never bothered me either and the water was nicely heated. Be careful when getting out, the cold really does hit you then. Fortunately inside wasn't that far away. I definitely recommend going to this pool in the evening as watching the sunset over Bath is something you don't want to miss.

We went in the Minerva bath too which was just as good. I'm pretty sure it's the same temperature as the rooftop one but for some reason it felt warmer. It might be due to the outdoor air making it feel cooler.

I really enjoyed my trip to the spa and definitely recommend it.

Here are the prices for the spa

Thermae Welcome (2 hour spa session and robe, towel, slippers)

  • Monday - Friday £34.00
  • Sat and Sunday £37.00
  • Additional hour on Saturday and Sunday £10.00

There are different packages available that include different treatments. Check out their website for more info.

There is even a gift shop too that sells all sorts of skincare products you can enjoy at home.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

I decided to try this awesome yellow bath bomb from Lush called Fizzbanger. Bright yellow in color, you don't really expect it to do much in the water, which is why you should try it because you will be surprised. It manages to give quite a nice color show and also contains popping candy. Ingredients in this one include ylang ylang oil, cinnamon oil, pettigrain oil and gardenia.

Once dropped into the water it starts giving off this yellow thick foam before fizzing away. Halfway through it opens up to give off this amazing blue color, before all colors start to swirl and create their own pattern. You would never guess by looking at it there would be other colors apart from yellow in this one. 

It's a really nice one to get you in the mood for Spring and the scent is really uplifting too. The popping candy really adds to the effect.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lush Yog Nog Soap

For the Christmas collection Lush brought out a range of different soaps. One of them was called Yog Nog, which also shares it's name with a bath bomb from the same collection. This one is a yellowy brown color and has a sort of star design on it. Described as a creamy skin drink it also has this amazing sweet smell to it.

The closest thing I can think of this soap reminding me of is Honey I Washed The Kids, as that has a similar sweet smell to it. With Yog Nog the scent is actually fudge, which smells awesome. It just makes me wanna grab it and eat it. Other ingredients include soya yogurt and nutmeg.

There is a nice creamy lather with this one too and the scent definitely stands out. It's not too overpowering but is still noticeable. Now unavailable this one was unfortunately limited edition. We will have to see if this one gets released for Christmas 2016.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Lush Bar Humbug

Bar Humbug is a bubble bar that was released for Christmas. Limited edition and now sold out this one is really awesome to look at. It has this really nice purple and white swirl design on it with some silver shimmer too. With a name like Bar Humbug this one is bound to get you in the festive spirit or for the Scrooge's in you perhaps not. 

This one contains fennel, tarragon and has this awesome licorice scent too. It really warms you up on a cold day.

Compared to other bubble bars I've had from Lush this one is harder to crumble, for some reason it has a harder texture. So I ended up having some bits of the bubble bar floating in the water. I really liked the pink purple color it gave the water too and there was plenty of bubbles from one bar. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

Lush Sea Monster Fun

For a while now Lush have brought out a product called Fun. I've seen it around many times but had never really bothered with it until now. Fun comes in many different varieties and is one of those multi use products. 

So what is it? It's basically a plasticene type product that can be moulded into all different shapes. It's Play-Doh for the bath, how amazing is that. Fun can be used as bubble bath, soap, shower gel and even shampoo. I decided to get the Sea Monster Fun which as you guessed can be moulded into a Sea Monster. 

There are three different colors in this one to play with - yellow, green and blue green. I haven't used Play-Doh since I was a kid and using this one brings back really good memories.

Fun is an extremely moldable product and it can be made into whatever shape you want. I had a lot of fun making my Sea Monster, the product really does live up to it's name - Fun.

Once my sea monster was made I first used it as soap. It does later up really well and even gives you different colored lather. I never used it as shampoo or shower gel, but i'm guessing it would be great. This is a really good bubble bath too and gives you plenty of bubbles. It made the water go a nice green color too.

There is plenty of product to go around as well. Even after making my sea monster I still had plenty of Fun left over. Overall I think this is a great product to use and I think one unique to Lush. I haven't seen any other brand come up with an idea like this before.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lush So White Bath Bomb

So White is one of many bath bombs Lush brought out for Christmas. It's not hard to see how this bath bomb gets its name. I always wonder what white bath bombs will look like in the water. With this one I was surprised as you would never guess what color the water turned out. This one contains bergamot, rose, neroli and orange.

Once dropped in it starts to foam and give the water this white sort of color. I really didn't think it was going to do much more until I noticed pink coming out of the middle of it. It really was a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting much from this product. The inside starts to fizz completely different and by the end of it, you get nice pink colored water.

The scent is nice and refreshing and definitely reminds me a lot of apple. Although not one of Lush's more colorful bath bombs this one still is good. It also doesn't leave the bath a funny color either, which is what turns some people off Lush's bath bombs.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette

For Christmas, Urban Decay released a limited edition eyeshadow palette called the Spectrum Palette. It features 15 colors in mainly brights, although there are some neutrals in there too. This palette wasn't available to buy at all Urban Decay counters, but was instead limited to certain stores. In Cardiff, Debenhams was the only store selling this. John Lewis didn't have any.

As soon as I heard about the Spectrum Palette I was really looking forward to it. I love my bright colors and Urban Decay make the most amazing palettes. It comes in nice black packaging and opens in a different way to their other palettes. The lid comes right off leaving you with just the colors. I really like this way of opening it as it makes it a lot easier to carry around with you when using it.

All of the colors have names and some of them share names with the 24/7 eyeliners. Deep End is also an eyeliner color and exactly the same shade too. I like having an eyeshadow to exactly match my eyeliner.

All of the colors are highly pigmented and build up extremely easily. For someone who loves color, this palette is ideal. There are many ways of wearing these colors and I do like to blend them together, although they can be worn on their own too. My favorites have to be Deep End, Evidence and Prank.

Once on the colors don't fade or crease and stay on all day.

Protest, Junkie, Deep End

Omen, Voodoo, Flashback, Prank

Madness, Evidence, Prank

Daybreak, Bordello, Burn, West

Monday, 4 January 2016

Lush Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy must be one of Lush's must have products at Christmas. It's extremely popular and has been for a couple of years now. It gets brought out every year and comes in a number of different gift sets too. I've heard this one is so popular people even stock up on this as you can only get it at Christmas time.

So what is it? Snow Fairy is this pink colored, really awesome shower gel. If you are familiar with Lush you will definitely know the product I am talking about. It has a fantastic sweet smell to it which definitely smells like bubblegum. There is some sweet vanilla mixed in there and to top it all off a bit of fairy dust too.

Up until recently Lush's biggest version of this was 500g. This Christmas, Lush released a 1kg bottle of this stuff. Yep, thats right 1kg. How amazing is that. Perfect for any Snow Fairy fan. Hoarding this stuff is now a thing of the past as 1kg is bound to last way into next Christmas. Plus you don't need to use a lot of it either as it lathers up nicely.

As I love this scent I was really happy with my 1kg bottle I got for Christmas. The scent even stays with you after you have washed too, which I love. 

Any Snow Fairy fans here, did Santa bring you any Fairy Dust this year.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Intergalactic is a bath bomb from Lush that came out last year. This one is this amazing blue color with yellow and pink in it too. Just by looking at it you can guess that this is sure to look amazing in the bath.

Ingredients in this one are peppermint, grapefruit oil, vetitvert oil and cedar wood oil. All these scents come together to create really one unique smell. It's definitely uplifting and minty.

Once dropped into the water, it starts to fizz this amazing blue. The pink and yellow start appearing at the same time too and then begin to go their own ways in the color. Halfway through there is some orange and purple too which makes it look even more amazing. There is also some popping candy which gives this amazing sound in the water. I love it when Lush put in popping candy to their bath bombs. 

There is also a bit of shimmer too which adds to the effect. Once the colors have all appeared this immediately makes me think of outer space, especially with the shimmer. Once dissolved the water goes this amazing dark blue.

This bath bomb is sure one show of color and is one not to be missed. Fortunately it's not limited edition and is available all year around.