Friday, 26 February 2016

Lush The Golden Egg

When it comes to fantastic easter themed products, Lush to an excellent job. At Easter they always bring out an amazing range of Easter stuff and this week I decided to get myself one of their Golden Eggs. It's quite a small product and has this most amazing gold shimmer on it. It's very very shimmery and is a sort of coppery gold color.

Now you are probably wondering what on earth the Golden Egg is. It's basically a bath bomb melt, so you get two amazing products in one - bath melt and a bath bomb. The Golden Egg is quite messy and once you pick it up you will get the shimmer all over your hands. I've never used a bath bomb melt before so I was really interested to see what this one would be like.

As soon as it's dropped into the water the shimmer comes off and goes all around the water, giving a gradual gold shimmer. At first it doesn't look like it does much, but slowly you can see this one start to work. As it bubbles you can see something really amazing start to happen. It eventually opens up and this yellow foam does start to appear and before long you get these awesome yellow swirls appearing around the water.

The scent is quite sweet and smells just like toffee. It also contains bergamot and wild orange oils. Once in the water this one does actually make my skin feel nice and soft, which is probably due to the Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa butter that it contains along with moisturizing olive oil. 

Once dissolved the water does keep it's shimmer, which looks awesome. This is a fantastic product for Easter and would make a good gift for someone.


  1. I got the Golden Egg last year but I only used it a month or so ago (totally forgot all about it). It's such a great bath bomb/melt although trying to clean the glitter off the bath afterwards was far too much effort for my liking.

    Raise The Waves

  2. I love this bathbomb/melt, but don't you think it looks like a potato when all the glitter comes off? My flatmate was so confused when I showed her!


  3. looks so amazing and precious. i love that you are a lush fan and often provide us with lush themed posts. a little jealous you get to make so much lush shopping near you though lol.

    1. It's a shame you don't have a Lush store by you. Hopefully they will open one x

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  5. Love this. Does it leave a shimmer on the skin when you get out the bath hon?

  6. This looks lovely! So different to what I usually see x

  7. Oh wow how cool is this! I love the idea of a Golden egg - going to have to pick up one of these - thanks for sharing

    Laura x