Sunday, 28 February 2016

Dior Forever Foundation

Not so long ago I got invited to a Dior blogger event in Cardiff which was about the new spring collection as well as the re launch of their Forever Foundation. I've been needing a new foundation for some time so I used the event as a good opportunity to try the new foundation.

After having bad experiences with foundations I haven't tried before - drug store and expensive, I do tend to be a bit wary of trying a new one. My last bad experience with an expensive foundation was Illamasqua's Skin Base. I have however tried Dior's foundations before and have found them to be excellent. Dior Nude is my number one foundation for wearing in hot weather and I have tried Star a couple of times too.

I have heard that is one has no flashback to it, even though it has SPF 35. It's really unheard of to find a foundation that can claim that and I was really interested to see if it is actually true. 

At Dior they have this really interesting way of color matching foundation. When trying to find the perfect match for your skin tone they use this device that looks like a phone, put it against your skin and it tells you what color you need to go for. I think it's pretty cool and definitely an interesting way of color matching. In this foundation I went for 020 which is the next one up from the palest.

The packaging deserves a fantastic review alone. It comes in a good sized bottle with a pump. For me having a pump is a must as you can take as little or as much as you like. It also allows for zero mess. I personally hate squeeze bottle foundations. Sure they may be great at first but after a while it can get quite difficult to get the product out, especially if you have used a bit of it. Aching hands are not great. All of the Dior foundations I have tried before have almost identical packaging. With the exception of their airbrush foundation which obviously comes in a spray format. 

The Foundation
For a liquid foundation, the formula is just right. It isn't too runny and isn't too thick either. I love my full coverage and this foundation allows me to get that quite easily. For those of you who like sheer and natural a light application of this will get you that too. 

My favorite way to apply this is with a brush. I'm really not getting the whole beauty blender thing as you can never beat a brush. By buffing it in the skin I am able to get that flawless glowing look that looks absolutely amazing. Even though I have full coverage with this one, it doesnt feel at all heavy or cakey.

I do have dry skin too so I really hate it when I find a foundation that clings to dry areas and does nothing for my skin. When I was putting this one on it did sort of have a cooling effect on my skin and did feel hydrating. I get a similar sort of feeling when applying Nude.

It really is long lasting too and stays on pretty much all day. I did go a bit shiny throughout the day, but it wasn't a big deal and by applying some powder it sorted it out just fine.

I'm really happy with the color match too. Even though 020 isn't the palest, I find it's just right for me and doesn't look at all orange. With many brands if I go darker than the palest I look like Madge Harvey from Benidorm. As much as I love the character of Madge, I really don't want to look like her.

I've left the best for last and that is about the flashback, well I should say the lack of it. Wearing this foundation I took a few photos with a flash and I didn't see that ghosting effect that many foundations with SPF in do. It seems like this foundation really doesnt have flashback in it. Bonus.

Overall I just love this foundation. I really like using it and will be putting it on my must have foundation lists. 


  1. It seems that the Dior Forever Foundation offers a great coverage, just what you need from a foundation! :)

  2. thank you for this post. even if at the beginning i was a little scared of reading all that stuff, i found it very informative and useful and also felt not alone in my late issues. as i told you, i have dry skin as well, or well, always had mixed one but lately it's becoming dry because i have increased the amount of base makeup i wear, it also becomes cakey so easely when applying foundation or concealer. i prefer natural light coverage and my favourites are bb creams and i cover the rest with concealer. i've never tried to apply it with a brush and you've now convinced me to, but i've tried the beauty blender and at first i was super happy with the coverage it gave me with the same product, but then i noticed it tended to become more cakey if applied that way, so i very recently passed to hands applicaton back again and i'm happier with it. i've tried a sample of a high end foundation just once and i was amazed with the full coverage it gave me but i felt like my skin was unable to breathe and i don't find in general it's worth it for me to spend a lot of money for makeup and i like the quality of some drugstore too, i really love love love garnier bb cream now for instance.

    1. I personally love full coverage, so I never go for a bb creme. Application is a personal thing and its whatever you prefer. I personally like a brush x

  3. I love the way they make the colour match your skin. I don't own any Dior makeup but I really would love some. It's great that it has no flashback too!

    1. I know, the no flashback is amazing. I hate flashback and its good to find a foundation thats amazing and doesnt have it x

  4. Great review and good to hear this is lone lasting as that is always something I look for in a foundation

    Laura x