Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I Heart Makeup Chocolate And Peaches Palette

I Heart Makeup have released another one of their chocolate bar palettes. The brand has released quite a few already and the latest one is called Chocolate And Peaches. As you can guess from the name, the packaging is peach colored and looks like a chocolate bar. This one features 16 different colors in a mix of matte and shimmery shades.

I've found these palettes to be quite good and I always like it when they release a new one. I found that the shimmers were a lot better than the mattes in this palette. The shimmers had a workable texture to them and the mattes were a bit on the dry side.

I liked to use the paler colors as bases and then build up the darker colors to create different looks. The colors blended really easy and built up to give intense color. They didn't crease or fade either and stayed on all day.

I Heart Makeup Golden Bar

You could say I'm quite a fan of I Heart Makeup's Chocolate Bar palettes. They seem to be bringing out a lot of them lately and when I was shopping in Superdrug last week I noticed a brand new one. It's called the Golden Bar and like the other chocolate bar palettes, this one has very similar packaging, but comes in gold and brown. I've only seen this one in Superdrug and it's not on I Heart Makeup's website, so I'm assuming it's an exclusive to Superdrug.

I just love the packaging of these palettes. They look just like a bar of chocolate, but unfortunately can't be eaten, even though they look good enough to. This palette has 16 shimmery eyeshadows in it, in gold and brown shades. It also has two paler colors in it - a shimmery white and a shimmery nude color.

There is a good amount of pigment in these colors and you can create some fab looks with them. I liked to use the paler colors as bases and then apply other colors on top. Blending was nice and easy too as the texture on the colors was nice and soft. The golds are great for this time of year, especially with the party season quickly approaching.

Once the colors were on they stayed on pretty much all day, as they didn't fade or crease. In this palette I really liked the darker gold shades best, along with the white shimmery color. Although quite a pale color, it made a really nice base and highlighter.

NYX Liquid Suede - Run The World, Subversive Socialite, Foul Mouth

So lately, NYX released some brand new colors of their Liquid Suedes. These are basically a liquid cream lipstick that comes in a range of awesome colors. I had been waiting for a while for the new colors to come to the UK and a few weeks ago I was at the NYX counter and noticed they had arrived.

The three colors I went for were Run The World (Bright violet with pink), Subversive Socialite (Wine purple) and Foul mouth (Navy black).

Run The World, Subversive Socialite, Foul Mouth

Like the other Liquid Suedes I have tried, these ones have the same smooth texture to them along with a very good amount of pigment to them. In two coats the color on my lips was looking very intense and looked amazing. They don't dry the lips out either and stay on most of the day too.

I didn't have a favorite out of the three. I'm really glad NYX brought these new colors to the UK as they look amazing. There are more new colors to choose from which I will be looking forward to trying.

Run The World

Subversive Socialite

Foul Mouth

Sunday, 27 November 2016

NYX Cosmic Metals

A few weeks ago when I was shopping at the NYX counter I noticed that they had a load of new products in. Some of these were brand new colors in the Liquid Suedes (been waiting for these to arrive for some time), but I also noticed a brand new product called Cosmic Metals.

These are like a lipstick and come in tube packaging. Described as a lip cream, they have a metallic finish to them but look like a gloss. I don't normally like lip gloss as it does go quite sticky and isn't good for the weather we have here in the UK (getting your hair stuck to your lips is not good). Fortunately the Cosmic Metals are not a gloss, but just look like.

They come in all different colors and are a must for people who love their color. If you like natural lips don't go for Cosmic Metals as there aren't many natural looking colors. The most natural color they do is a bright pink. The rest are blues and greens.

The colors I got were Fuchsia Fusion (bright pink), Comets Tail (blue), Celestial Star (dark blue) and Out Of This World (green).

Each color has quite a good amount of pigment and they come with a doe foot applicator to allow for easy application. Because they are so pigmented, you don't need to use a lot to get full color on the lips and in two coats the color was looking very intense. They also glide on nicely too and don't dry the lips out either.

As they are a lip cream and not a gloss, they don't have the stickiness that gloss has, but still has the appearance of a gloss. There also seems to be a bit of glitter in them too which gives that really awesome shine to them. Once on they don't really need reapplying all day as they do stay on for most of the day.

Fuchsia Fusion

Celestial Star

Comets Tail

Out Of This World

NARS Impudique Blusher

Impudique is a pink red blusher from NARS. This color is limited edition and is from the new Sarah Moon Christmas Collection. Apart from this being a really awesome color, the other great thing about it is that the packaging is also limited edition too.

There is an amazing amount of pigment in this color and you don't need to use a lot to get the color to show up. It has a soft, workable texture to it and blends out nicely too. The best way to use this it to get your brush and to gently tap it into the color. It is much easier to build the color up than try and tone it down. It doesn't fade either and once on, stays on without having to be reapplied.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

MUA Silent Disco Palette

MUA is one of my favorite drug store brands and I always like it when they bring out a new eyeshadow palette. Especially if it has really bright colors in it. MUA's Silent Disco palette features 12 colors that really stand out. If you love color, this palette is definitely for you.

Top - Psychedelic, Techno, Glam, Funk, Rave, Freak Out
Bottom - Revel, Go Ape, Two Step, Wild, Electro, Just Dance

This palette is quite hit and miss, which is a shame as it looked really good. Some colors seem to be a lot better than others.

The worst performing colors in this palette were Funk, Rave, Two Step and Electro. They had a very dry texture and just didn't have the pigment. Techno seems to work better if you apply it over a white shimmery base. This stops it going patchy and seems to make it stand out a lot better. Go Ape is badly pigmented on it's own, but seems to do better if Just Dance is applied on top of it.

Psychedelic, Glam, Freak Out, Revel, Wild and Just Dance were the best colors. The pigment in them was quite good, they built up nicely and blended well.

Even with my eyeshadow base on some of these seemed to crease. The only way to get around the creasing even with an eyeshadow base on was to get a shimmery white and put the colors on top of that.

Apart from some of the colors being badly pigmented, I still liked this palette. Next time I use it I will only use the colors that had good pigment in them. I still enjoyed having fun with the colors and creating different looks.

Techno, Psychedelic, Glam

Rave, Funk, Two Step, Electro, Wild

Techno, Go Ape, Just Dance, Freak Out, Revel

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Makeup Revolution The Dead Are Alive Palette

This Halloween, Makeup Revolution released two new palettes - Give Them Darkness and The Dead Are Alive. I got them both and thought Give Them Darkness was amazing, especially for people who love dramatic looks. This palette here is called The Dead Are Alive. The name is very appropriate for Halloween and features a graveyard on the artwork on the box. It features 16 colors in mainly shimmers, although there are a few mattes there too. 

If you love your dramatic colors like me, you will love this palette. There are many colors to choose from and I had a lot of fun blending the colors together. The two shimmery white colors make excellent base colors and highlighters.

The matte shades were a bit on the dry side and did have a powdery texture to them. Fortunately the shimmers were a lot better and had a good amount of pigment in them. They built up nicely too and managed to stay on all day without creasing or fading.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette

Makeup Revolution make some really good products. They are not expensive either and for the price the quality really isn't that bad. It's not on the same level as NARS or Urban Decay, but it's still quite good.

This brand has brought out quite a lot of eyeshadow palettes and many bloggers have commented they do like to try and dupe higher end brands, especially Urban Decay. The Iconic 1 palette features 12 eyeshadows in a mix of matte and shimmer colors. I do wonder if this one is meant to be a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked Palette. This one was £4.00 in Superdrug.

At first glance this does look at lot like the Naked palette. The colors look very similar and they are even laid out in the same order. After using it I found the quality was quite good, but not on the same level as Urban Decay.

In Iconic 1, I found that the shimmers were a lot better than the mattes. I found that the mattes were a bit on the dry side and did go a bit patchy. Fortunately there are more shimmers in this palette and I preferred the look of the shimmers anyway. The matte colors were a bit too natural for me.

I love golds, blacks and greys. So I had a lot of fun creating some looks with this palette. The pigment in them was good and they built up nicely. All of the shimmery colors blended easily too and managed to stay on all day without creasing. 

So back onto the Naked palette. I wouldn't say this one was an exact dupe as the pigments weren't as good as Urban Decay. For £4 you can't go wrong with this palette and for those on a budget I would definitely recommend it.

Friday, 18 November 2016

MAC Magic Dust Powder

For this Holiday season MAC have released an amazing color collection called the Nutcracker Sweet. There are many amazing products in this collection and I really liked the look of these face powders called Magic Dust Powder. They come in two different shades and the one I liked was called Yum Yum Yum. This color is a soft pink with gold pearl.

I just love the packaging too. It's limited edition for the collection. I just love it when MAC changes their packaging for different collections. This one was £24.00.

This is quite a good sized powder. It's bigger than MAC's regular blushers and is more the size of their pressed powder compacts. These powders are described as a translucent, ultra fine, light catching, pearlescent powder for face.

So while not exactly a blusher, there is no reason why it can't be used as one. I applied this to my cheeks to give a nice glow. Although it can be applied all over the face too. There is a good amount of pigment in this product and it builds up nicely, with this really soft texture.

Stars are stamped into the design and another great thing about this one is they don't fade after use. Many makeup products that have designs stamped into them tend to fade as you use them, not this one.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

MAC Flamboyish Lipstick

I'm really liking the new MAC Holiday 2016 collection. It's full of amazing colors as well as a fab range of gift sets. I love my bright lipsticks, so I decided to go for this bright pink called Flamboyish. As this is the Holiday collection, the packaging is also limited edition. I do like it when MAC changes it's packaging. 

The pigment in this color is amazing and it doesn't take long to get the color looking intense. The texture is nice and smooth too and even though it is a matte it doesn't dry the lips out, unlike some mattes. Bright lipsticks are my favorites as they stand out a lot and look amazing on. This color is no exception. Like all of my other MAC mattes this one stayed on all day too and didn't need reapplying.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

MAC Dreaming Of You Lipstick

Dreaming Of You is a deep red colored lipstick with a matte finish from the MAC Selena collection. I love a red lipstick, especially when it is this shade of red. I always think deep reds look a lot better than the brighter ones.

This one was £17.00 and comes in this really awesome purple packaging for the Selena collection. 

There is an amazing amount of pigment in this lipstick, which kept it on all day without having to reapply it. It may be a matte, but it doesn't have that drying texture that many mattes have. It glides on nicely to the lips too. The color looked amazing on and went really well with my eye makeup.

The Selena collection has been very popular and most of it has now unfortunately sold out.