Saturday, 31 December 2016

NARS Sarah Moon Duo Eyeshadows

I'm a really big fan of NARS and I love it when they bring out a new collection. For Christmas this year NARS have released their Sarah Moon collection. For Christmas I got the two duo eyeshadows that were brought out for the collection. The two eyeshadows are called Quai Des Brumes and Indes Galantes.

Quai Des Brumes. Indes Galantes

Quai Des Brumes is an iridescent lavender with charcoal with gold shimmer. Indes Galantes is an iridescent indigo with mulberry. I just love these colors as they are really nice and dramatic.

Both colors were intensely pigmented and built up really easily. You can wear the colors on their own or blended together. With Quai Des Brumes I blended the colors together to create a unique look. I wore Indes Galantes a bit different and put the mulberry color all over the eyes and used the indigo on the bottom lash line.

These eyeshadows are great for me as I love my eyeshadow really dramatic. I was able to create an intense look with these colors. Out of the two, Quai Des Brumes is my favorite.

Quai Des Brumes

Indes Galantes

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick - Cecile

I got my makeup done at Chanel last week and picked up this really awesome lipstick. It's from Chanel's Rouge Coco range of lipsticks and is called Cecile. It's a neutral pink color and is very wearable. Most people will be able to wear this lipstick.

Although this one looks quite natural it is a great color for people who love dramatic eye makeup. I wore this color when I did a dark look on my eyes. This is one of those colors that can be worn as both part of a natural and dramatic look.

This one has plenty of pigment in it and has a nice creamy texture too. It's also great if you have dry lips because it is hydrating. I wore this color all day and my lips felt amazing, it also stayed on for most of the day and didn't really need reapplying either.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Sale Shopping

So Christmas is now officially over and tomorrow it's New Years Eve. It's that time of year when January is almost here and I get the post Christmas blues. There's nothing like a bit of shopping to cheer you up and for those who love a bargain there are loads of sales on at the moment. Whilst I love a bargain, I'm not that mad I will queue up late on Christmas Day to go to Next. Yep, that's right, here in Cardiff a load of people queued up very late on Christmas Day so they could be the first in to the Next sale when the store opened on Boxing Day at 6am.

Lush had a sale online on Boxing Day, but the website had to go and crash because of the amount of people wanting to go on it. The same thing happened last year and you think Lush would have sorted it out this year. Apparently not. So the next day the Lush website had much less traffic. Oh and guess what, the sale had ended. You would have thought Lush would have extended their sale because of what happened the day before. They didn't, so no Lush online sale for me. 

So I decided to go out shopping into Cardiff to pick up some bargains. I had a look in the Lush store and found that they had a small amount of Christmas items left and were selling them at half price. That sort of made me a lot happier. I also had a look around a lot of other shops too to see what bargains I could find. I managed to get a few. Here is what I bought.

Lush Salt And Peppermint Bark and Mistletoe Bath Bomb. Both half price.

Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter. Half price.

I also got this Floozie by Frost French handbag in Debenhams for 20% off.

So that's what I bought. Did anyone manage to grab some bargains too.

Lush Christmas Candy Box

The Christmas Candy Box from Lush is another fantastic gift set I got for Christmas. As you can guess from the name it's full of Lush goodies with a really sweet scent to them. In this one are Rock Star Soap, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. I've used a few of these products before and if you are a fan of the very popular Snow Fairy or love Lush's sweet scented goodies, this gift set will be right up your street.

Rock Star Soap
This is one item from the gift set and probably the only one that is available all year around. It's shaped like a star and has a really nice creamy feel to it when it lathers up. It says on the Lush website that it has a nostalgic scent of seaside rock along with vanilla absolute. I just love the sweet scent of this soap, it really is tempting to eat it.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
This is one of those old Lush Christmas favorites. I've used this one a couple of times and it literally leaves a mountain of bubbles in the bath. It also has the scent of candy and leaves the water a really nice pink color.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
The Luxury Lush Pud is my all time favorite Christmas bath bomb from Lush. It has come out a couple of Christmasses and every time I always have to get myself a few to stock up on. I've reviewed this one on here before, and every time I use it I have to take a photo because it looks so amazing. Once dropped into the water it makes the most amazing color effects.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This Christmas classic is back again this year and features in this gift set. The sweet bubblegum scent is loved by many and is an old Christmas favorite. This one is so popular it appears in other gift sets too. Last year I got the big 1L bottle of it and I still haven't finished it. You can't beat this small bottle of it as it's great to stock up on.

This is a really amazing gift set from Lush and one I have enjoyed using. Did Santa bring you any gift sets from Lush this year?

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Lush Joy To The World Gift Set

This year for Christmas I got some really awesome Lush gifts. Anyone who is familiar with Lush will know that they do a great range of gifts. One of the ones I got is called Joy To The World. Inside it are Santa's Postbox soap and Dream Cream.

Santa's Postbox Soap
This has to be my favorite item from the set as it looks so awesome. It's a soap and it looks just like a postbox, how awesome is that. It also looks nice and festive too with the gold shimmer. This one lathers up nicely and has a really nice citrus scent to it.

Dream Cream
The other item in this set is Dream Cream. This is basically a hand and body lotion for sensitive skin. The texture of this one isn't too rich and does a nice job of moisturizing the skin. Nice and light it doesn't feel at all heavy. I don't have sensitive skin, but this one does a really nice job at moisturizing it. If you have irritated or sore skin I guess this one would do a good job at soothing it. Even though my skin is more dry than sensitive it says on the Lush website that the olive oil and cocoa butter in this one are great for dry or chapped skin. I really like how light and non greasy this one is.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Lush Little Monster Gift Set

This year for Christmas, I got quite a few Lush gift sets and one of the ones I got is called Little Monster. The packaging is really awesome as it really does look like a monster. Inside the set is Lord Of Misrule Shower Creme and Monsters Ball Bath Bomb.

This is a really awesome gift set. The Monsters Ball bath bomb is made to look like a cyclops and came out for Halloween. As soon as it is dropped into the water it starts fizzing pink and blue and creates all sorts of amazing patterns. It's scented with lime and neroli too.

The set also includes Lord Of Misrule shower creme. Released for Halloween too, this one is this bright green color and has this really nice moisturizing feel to it. Even though the color is quite bright it doesn't stain the skin and has the most amazing scent of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper. Even though it is a cream this one lathers up really well too.

As this set contains two Halloween products it looks like this gift set was released for Halloween. Even though it's not a Christmas gift set it made an excellent gift. I highly recommend Lush gift sets.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Collection Gift Set

Yesterday I got this really awesome Makeup Revolution gift set for Christmas. It's called the Ultra Professional Collection and has a good selection of products in it from brushes to an eyeshadow palette. 

The colors don't have individual names to them, although i'm pretty sure you can get some of these products separately to this set. I don't think the eyeshadow palette is available separately as I haven't seen it in Superdrug or on the TAM Beauty website. I really enjoyed going through this set and I am looking forward to trying the colors out. So here's what I got in this set.

Redemption Eyeshadow Palette

Eye Primer

Eyebrow Kit

Contour Kit

Duo Baked Highlighter


Lip Palette

Makeup Revolution 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Set

I've had such great fun going through all of my Christmas presents and one I got this year was this really big gift set by Makeup Revolution called 12 Days Of Christmas. It contains loads of full sized items like eyeshadow and blusher and also comes in this really neat storage box.

With so many fab looking items I couldn't wait to properly check these out. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the palettes had names. This makes blogging so much easier. I have also been told by Makeup Revolution that quite a few of the items like the eyeshadow and blusher palettes are not available separately and are exclusive to this set. Here's what this one includes.

Lip Gloss set

Eyeshadow Palette - Matte Forecast Edit 2017

Eyeshadow Palette - Matte 18 Edit

Eyeshadow Palette - Night Shimmers

HD Pro Brows Palette

Blusher Palette - Dream Blush

Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

Focus And Fix Eye Primer

Ultra Strobe Cream

Mini Brush Set

Makeup Fixing Spray and Aqua Primer Base