Friday, 5 February 2016

Chanel Spring Makeover and mini collection haul

Ever since seeing what the new Chanel spring collection would be, I knew I had to book myself in for a makeover to try it. I always think if you are buying quite a few things at once from a brand you may as well book in for a makeover with them.

Yesterday I went to the Chanel counter in Cardiff where I had my makeup applied by a makeup artist from Chanel. He basically showed me the new collection and asked what sort of look I would like. I really like it when people from the company actually do your makeup exactly how you want it. I've had makeovers with other brands before and they refuse to use colors I like, rather they use colors they think would look good.

I like my makeup nice and bright so I went for blues and greens. This collection is full of bright colors. To me it reminds me a lot of summer. Chanel must be the only brand i've seen so far this year bring out bright colors for a spring collection. It's definitely different and I do wonder what they will do for summer. I do hope they bring out something nice and bright too.

Here are the colors from the new collection that were used on me. 

I definitely wanted the products even more after seeing them on. I'm definitely going to look forward to wearing them.

  • Les 4 Ombres - Tisse Beverly Hills
  • Blush Harmony - Sunkiss Ribbon
  • Illusion D'Ombre - Ocean Light


  1. I've never had my makeup done at a makeup counter, but it is a great idea to find new looks x

  2. I've never had a makeover either but it's a great way to try new products and get advice.

    1. Whenever their is a load of products i want from a new collection i always book myself in x

  3. I've never bought chanel makeup before. The price normally puts me off. The colours really suit you x

  4. Love that eyeshadow! I like my make up nice and bright too but they usually balk at it at the counters. :) x