Saturday, 31 May 2014

Playboy Blushing Bunny Shimmer Bronzing Powder

I got this blusher/bronzer the other week in Cardiff in The Powder Room. It's a bronzing powder by Playboy called Blushing Bunny Shimmer Bronzing Powder. It comes in round packaging and has a print pattern on the blusher along with the Playboy Bunny stamped into the product.

The packaging seems quite sturdy and although it's described as a bronzer I used it as a blusher. I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers, I always prefer mattes. The pigment in this product is quite good, to get colour showing up on my cheeks didn't take me long and the colour blended into my cheeks nicely. The product had a nice texture and didn't feel too powdery or chalky.

The best way to apply this is gradually pat you brush into the colour, there is no need to dig the brush into this colour as you will get too much on your brush. 

The colour gave my cheeks a nice pink shimmer to them. I didn't find the shimmer too much as a blusher, as a bronzer all over I think it would have been too shimmery. Once the colour was on there was no need to reapply, it stayed on all day.


Urban Decay Electric Palette

When I saw that Urban Decay were bringing out an eyeshadow palette with super bright colours I was very excited. I love my brights, so this was a must for me. I haven't really been into Urban Decay's Naked Range as I'm not really a natural sort of person. I only really use natural's for my makeup kit and find that MUA have done really good dupes of Urban Decay's Naked Range. I don't really want to spend over £30 on colours I hardly wear, when it comes to my must have colours then I'm happy to splurge.

The Electric Palette costs £38.00 and features 10 bright coloured eyeshadows that can be worn as part of many different looks. The packaging is fab too and comes in a hardwearing plastic palette with a colourful design on the front. The outer packaging is the same as the actual palette.

All of the colours in this palette have names

Revolt (Silver)
Gonzo (Bright Blue)
Slowburn (Orange Red)
Savage (Pink)
Fringe (Teal)
Chaos (Dark Blue)
Jilted (Pink Purple)
Urban (Purple)
Freak (Green)
Thrash (Lime Green)

The palette also comes with a double ended brush, I haven't used it yet though.

The colours in this palette are so bright, the picture cant describe how bright they are. The only colour I didn't think much of was Revolt. The silver didn't seem as pigmented as the others. All the other colours were very pigmented and blended really well into each other. Building up the colours didn't take long and all of them had a really nice texture to them.

My favourites in this palette were Gonzo, Savage and Chaos. My favourite colours to wear together were Urban and Chaos.


Savage And Jilted

Urban And Chaos

Slowburn And Gonzo


Freak And Thrash

Overall this palette was amazing and worth £38.00. All of the colours I used were creaseproof and lasted all day. You can have a lot of fun with all of the colours in this palette.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Playboy Sassy Pink Nail Polish

I know Playboy did a range of makeup a couple of years ago but I haven't seen it since now. I got this really bright pink nail polish called Sassy Pink for £1.99. This must be the brightest pink I have, it's very very bright and I love it. 

The colour goes on really nice and smooth to my nails. Not too thick or thin like some nail polishes do. The brush on the applicator makes applying the colour nice and easy. To make the colour opaque I gave my nails two coats. Drying time was just over a minute.

I'm in love with this shade of pink, it is very bright, just how I like it. It stayed on my nails for quite some time, until I decided to remove it. There was no chipping either, which i'm happy about.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

NARS Kauai Duo Eyeshadow

Kauai is the second eyeshadow duo from the Spring Collection that NARS brought out. I'm loving the Spring eyeshadows, the colours are bright and seem more like summer colours.

Kauai is a duo of gold and iridescent smoky orchid. The colours look great together in the packaging and look just as good on the eyes.

The pigment in this duo is superb and the colours blend so well together too. They don't feel too chalky and have this really nice smooth texture to them. You can wear the colours on their own or blended together. I decided to blend the gold with the purple. I ended having a soft sort of look although I could have made the look a lot stronger if I wanted to.

These eyeshadow duo's cost £25.00 and they last all day. I had no problems with creasing or fading and once it was on it was on.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bath Time Goodies

The other week when I was in Torquay I went shopping and found this candle store that not only had the most amazing range of candles, but a super cool selection of soaps and other bath products. I picked up a couple of products - soaps and a bath blaster.

First is the Ugly Ducking Bath Blaster. I've seen loads of these products available and Lush do a nice range, although I do like trying other brands. The one I got is by Bomb Cosmetics who sell all this sort of stuff on their website. I thought the Ugly Duckling looked so cute and is far from ugly. It's a white bath blaster with a small yellow duck on the top. I've used this in the bath and it makes my bath fizz up loads and has a nice citrus smell to it. 

Next is one of the soaps I bought. It's a super cute mini blue duck. In the bath I did try seeing if it would float on the water but it doesn't. It's still a nice cute soap that has a nice fresh scent to it. It lathers up quite well being as it is so small.

The other two soaps I got have this amazing scent to them. Raspberry Ripple and Sea Breeze. They are those hand cut soaps you can find and look like they will last ages. I don't have a favourite out of the two because they both smell so good. Raspberry Ripple smells so sweet and just like raspberries. Sea Breeze smells so fresh and makes you feel like you are by the sea.

Overall I just love these products. They are great to have in your bathroom and give off the most amazing scent.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Camouflage Foundation

I love full coverage foundation. Sheer doesn't do it for me, having to spend ages building the colour up and then even more time with a concealer. This is why I love Estee Lauder's Double Wear Camouflage Foundation.

I've used this foundation before and can't say enough how amazing it is. I've heard people rave about the Double Wear range and I can see why.

This foundation comes in tube packaging which I like. It's easy to squeeze out the product and you can control how much you want to come out. It comes in a range of different colors.

It seems that Estee Lauder have discontinued the color I am used to using - Creamy Ivory. This one is called Creamy Vanilla. I assumed it was going to be similar but I was wrong. I should have really have gotten color matched, but didn't as I thought it would be about the same color. Creamy Vanilla is a bit dark for me and I would say about 2-3 shades darker. I have no idea why Estee Lauder have done this. Creamy Ivory was my exact color. I now have no color for myself in this foundation.

The color may be completely wrong now, but the coverage and quality hasn't changed. I only need a small amount to cover my face, and I really mean a small amount. It's surprising how little goes a long way. I'm guessing cause it is such high coverage you hardly need any. When I blended it all in I didn't even need a concealer. That's how amazing this foundation is.

It may be a camouflage foundation, but it doesn't feel at all cakey on my skin. Illamasqua's Rich Liquid Foundation offers a similar amount of coverage but it doesn't last longer than an hour, feels drying and creases. MAC Studio Fix is full coverage but no where near enough as this Estee Lauder one. I find the MAC one feels very cakey, is hard to blend and doesn't have a good finish to it.

The finish on this one is amazing. It evens out my skin tone and makes my face look awesome. It doesn't crease either, which I'm happy about.

I don't need camouflage coverage, I have no acne or severe redness that camouflage covers. I just love my full coverage and wouldn't have it any other way. I also don't need to blend the foundation with my fingers around the nose like I need to with other foundations. I love not having to use concealer either.
It's also long lasting too and stays on all day. I do need to apply powder throughout the day but I don't need to do it a lot cause I don't go super shiny. 
Apart from the color being completely wrong, I still love the coverage and feel of this foundation.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekend Goodies - Duck and Chocolate Lip Balms and More

Last weekend I went shopping in Totnes and found the cutest ever items for sale. Duck lip balms and this chocolate soap and lip balm set. I found them in this shop that sold beauty and skin care products. They had all sorts of really cool things, including these duck lip balms.

The ducks come come in all sorts of flavours and colours and make your lips feel nice and soft.

Ain't they the cutest things ever.  The duck with the stars is cherry flavoured while the glittery one is strawberry flavoured.

To get the lip balm out you turn the duck upside down and open the bottom to get the product. It doesn't feel too sticky and you don't need to use a lot to make your lips feel nice and soft. I don't have a favourite out of the two as they both are amazing and smell awesome. As these ducks are so good, next time I go to Totnes I might just buy some more. They weren't expensive either and cost around £3 - £4.

From the same shop I also picked up this chocolate lip balm and soap gift set. This cost around £10.00 and I got a good sized bit of chocolate scented soap and these super cool chocolate lip balms.

The soap is called Chocolate Heaven and it actually looks like a bit of chocolate. The smell of it is so good, just like you have a bit of chocolate in front of you. 

My favourite part of the gift set has to be the chocolate lip balms. They come in packaging that looks like a box of chocolates. In fact the lip balms do look like chocolates. If I didn't know any better I would think they were.

You get four lip balms that just look good enough to eat. They all come with very suitable names - Mocha Choca, Rose Swirl, Vanilla Fancy and Praline Princess. To get the lip gloss out you just open the bottom and stick your finger in. 

Not only do they look good enough to eat, they smell good enough to eat. When I was applying the balm to my lips I could have sworn I was applying chocolate, the smell is absolutely amazing.

Overall I picked up some amazing goodies last weekend and have enjoyed using them.

Which ones are your favourite.