Sunday, 29 November 2015

Miss Patisserie Blogger Event Cardiff

Today I went to a blogger event at Miss Patisserie in Cardiff. Miss Patisserie is a fairly new brand offering bath and skincare products. The company was started back in 2009 by Charlotte Ridgwell. After purchasing a create your own bath bomb kit, she had an interest in creating her own line of products. After quite a few years of selling her products at different craft fairs, her products began to be sold in all different gift shops and garden centers. Miss Patisserie was finally born.

Charlotte's inspiration is Paris, as she loves the buildings, patisseries and just everything about it. She also has two pet pugs who appear on quite a bit of the packaging. The products are all made with natural ingredients and something even more fab - they are all made in Wales too.

I remember at a blogger event I went to last year, in the goodie bag I was given, was a lip balm by this brand. I thought it was quite a good product, so I'm glad to see I can easily get more products from Miss Patisserie.

The store in Cardiff is the first ever one and is located in the High Street Arcade. As soon as you come up to the store you are greeted by this most amazing sight of cupcakes in the window, in all different colors. At first you would think they were actually real cakes. They look so realistic.

The store is fantastic and has a really relaxing and fresh feel to it. It's not too overcrowded either, which is a bonus. Inside is the most amazing range of skincare and bath products. Miss Patisserie do their own range of bath bombs called bath balls, with a selection to even rival Lush. 

The range of products for sale is just fantastic. I had great fun checking out all of the items for sale. My favorite skin care product had to be the body scrubs. They come in a range of different scents and make your skin feel really nice and soft. You don't have to moisturize after using them either. All bloggers were treated to 15% off any purchases and also a goodie bag to take home too. In mine was the Balancing Aroma Fizz Bath Ball, Moroccan Spice Soap, a body oil sample and Rose Bath Melt.

I did decide to treat myself to a box of 4 bath balls too. You can buy them individually or you can grab yourself an empty gift box and fill it up with 4 of your choice. I got myself Clearing Aroma Fizz Ball, Coral Bay, Calming and Daisy Chain. The bath balls are £3.49 each, or the box comes to £12.00.

I had a really good time at this event and thank Miss Patisserie for it. I loved browsing all of the items and look forward to coming back for more stuff.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

I have been waiting some time to try Urban Decay's new Vice 4 palette. Now in it's 4th year Vice is back and even better than ever. The Vice 4 palette is a selection of 20 eyeshadow colors in this really amazing colorful packaging. The packaging has all different colors in it and can be seen different ways depending on how you hold it up to the light. This was £43.00 in John Lewis.

Vice 4 has to be my favorite Vice palette so far. The color choice is amazing and perfect for people who love bright colors that stand out. This is limited edition so won't be around forever. This palette also comes with this snazzy bag to keep it in. Last year's Vice palette also had this too.

Top - Bones, Grip, Deadbeat, Beat Down, Pandemonium
Second - Framed, Fast Ball, 1985, Underhand, Harlot
Third - Discreet, Grasshopper, C Note, Arctic, Robbery
Bottom - Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar, Delete

You also get a double ended brush too. I like it when brands give you a proper brush instead of one of those sponge tip applicators. The brush is really good to use and the tapered end allows easy blending of the colors.

There are so many colors to choose from, it can be hard knowing where to start. I found that the palest colors such as Bones, Framed and Discreet work well as highlighters or base colors. My favorites to use in this palette were 1985 and Grasshopper. The pigment is very intense on all of them and has a nice soft texture to it which blends nicely too. For people who like something that stands out 1985, Grasshopper, Deadbeat and Crowbar are the colors to use. A neutral eye can also be created too if using the paler colors along with Robbery, Low and Delete. The colors can be worn on their own or with other ones too. I liked to wear them together to create all different looks. Once on the color stays on and doesn't crease all day.

1985, Deadbeat

C Note, Arctic, Grasshopper, Deadbeat

Robbery, Low, Crowbar

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Lush Christmas Blogger Event, Cardiff

On Tuesday I went to a blogger event at Lush in Cardiff, to check out some of the really awesome christmas products that they have launched. I love Lush events, they're really laid back, fun and the staff are really friendly. I get really excited for Lush's christmas range as they usually bring out some awesome stuff as well as amazing gift sets.

Now onto checking out what awesome goodies Lush has to offer this year. Any fans of Snow Fairy? The really nice pink sweet smelling shower gel. It's back again this year and in an even bigger bottle. It now comes in a 1kg bottle. How cool is that. I love the smell of Snow Fairy and many others do too. It's only available this time of year and I know some people do stock up on this stuff because when it's gone it's gone. Now you can stock up on an even bigger bottle.

At the event Lush were also offering the chance to make your own bath product. Awesome. When I arrived I noticed two huge bowls of this white and purple stuff. I had no idea what it was at first until I was asked if I wanted to create my own bath product. I quite fancied having a go, I've never made anything quite like it before. Me and a couple of other bloggers also had a go. We were all given gloves to wear and then two big lots of the white and purple stuff. Then it was just mixing it together and shaping it. Mine went a bit wrong and just ended up looking like one huge blob. I'm still really happy with what I made and will be using it in the bath.

This year we see the return of some of Lush's christmas products from before. The Lush Luxury Pud and Intergalctic bath bombs are back. Theres some new products too like Yog Nog bath bomb and Peeping Santa bubble bar. The gift sets look awesome too and there are many to choose from. 

As usual I enjoyed the event and had a great time. The goodie bags they gave us all at the event were full of products from the Christmas range. I got Peeping Santa, Holly Golighty and Snow Angel. I also bought the Big Bang too. I'm looking forward to trying these products. Thanks Lush. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dior Bloggers Event Cardiff

Last night I was invited to a blogger event by Dior at Debenhams, Cardiff. The event was hosted by the lovely Ant and was basically all about the new Dior christmas collection called State Of Gold. Me and a group of other wonderful bloggers were introduced to the new collection and shown a demo on a model. 

Ant is really talented at makeup and he did a great job of showing us all a look that could be created using both regular Dior products and also the new ones from the christmas collection. I've seen bits of this collection before and it looks awesome. At christmas, Dior have made their new collection in limited edition gold. The colors are great for this time of year and the gold just adds to the effect.

After the demo we were all free to browse all of the products and try some on if we wanted. I was really excited to finally try some of the new stuff. I even managed to take some home with me too. I got one of the new Diorific Mat lipsticks in Fantastique. If you look at the model in the promo images, this is that lovely pink lipstick she is wearing. I also got the new State Of Gold Illuminating Pressed Powder.

We were all given this fab Dior goody bag to take with us too. It was full of some great fragrance samples as well as a small sized lipstick. I loved the event every moment and had a fantastic time. Thanks Ant.