Friday, 28 November 2014

OPI Romancing The Frog Nail Duo

Romancing The Frog is a duo of two full sized OPI nail polishes. This duo came out earlier this year for the Muppets Most Wanted collection. It features two colors - Miss Piggy's Big Number (Sapphire blue) and Muppets World Tour (White quartz with sparkle). 

I got this in TK Maxx for £6.99. It was originally £18.80, so a bargain. Out of the two colors Miss Piggy's Big Number was my favorite. The color went on really smooth and needed two coats to be made opaque. Drying time was about a minute. Muppets World Tour works better as a color to put on to another one. I put it on top of Miss Piggy's Big Number to create a glittery effect. This color took a bit longer to dry.

Both colors stayed on my nails for over a week and didn't chip.

Miss Piggy's Big Number

Muppets World Tour With Miss Piggy's Big Number

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Lush Christmas Pals - Christmas Penguin And Hedgehog

From Lush's Christmas range I got myself two bubble bars. The Christmas Penguin and The Christmas Hedgehog. Both are super cute and make sure you have loads of bubbles in your bath. Both are £3.25.

I always find that Lush's bubble bars are a solid version of bubble bath. To use them I crumble the bar under running water and just let the bubbles appear. I always use a whole bar for one bath, but I guess you can just use a bit and save the rest for another bath. A whole bar gives you loads and loads of bubbles.

The penguin and the hedgehog are so cute. Wouldn't it be awesome if they came to life, they would make the most amazing pets.

The Christmas Penguin
This bubble bar is designed to look like a penguin. He even has eyes and a nose. The Christmas Penguin is super cute, even cuter than Monty from the new John Lewis Christmas advert. This one gives plenty of bubbles and gives off a scent of orange and lemon.

The Christmas Hedgehog
Out of the two this one is my favorite. It is shaped just like a hedgehog, even has eyes and a nose. The spikes are made of this creamy like frosting that reminds me of what you get on some cakes. You can get a really good amount of bubbles with this one, along with this really nice citrus scent. The scent is really strong with this one and stays around for quite some time.