Wednesday, 26 July 2017

NYX Suede Matte Lip Liners

I'm a big fan of NYX's lip products, especially their Liquid Suedes. They come in a range of colors from naturals to really crazy colors. For a while there were no matching lip liners. Sure, you could probably find a lip liner from their other range of liners, but for the colors like blue and purple an eyeliner had to do.

Very recently NYX released a full range of lip liners to match the lipsticks, called Suede Matte Lip Liners. The even have the same color names as them. Boots in Cardiff had quite a few in and I bought all of the ones that matched the lipsticks. On the NYX website there are more colors that weren't available in store. Here are the ones I bought.

Stone Fox, Subversive Socialite, Vintage, Club Hopper, Brooklyn Thorn, Soft Spoken,  Sandstorm, Cherry Skies, Kitten Heels, Life's A Beach, Tea And Cookies, Respect The Pink, Pink Lust, Sway, Run The World, Amethyst, Little Denim Dress

The pencils have a good amount of pigment in them and apply nicely to the lips. Some lip liners you have to tug or press down to get the color to show, these ones you don't need to tug at all as the color goes on nicely. They don't feel at all dry either.

The colors match the lipsticks very well and I'm really glad NYX have released matching liners for the lipsticks. I have all of the Liquid Suedes and I do want to get the rest of the lip liners to match them.

Pink Lust

Run The World

Little Denim Dress 


Respect The Pink

Brooklyn Thorn

Tea And Cookies

Soft Spoken


Subversive Socialite