Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dior Blue Gradation Eyeshadow Palette

Recently I tried the brand new Dior Spring collection. The colors are amazing and perfect for people like me who love colors that stand out. I really liked the look of one of the eyeshadow palettes in the collection called Blue Gradation. It features 4 colors in blue tones. The design of the palette is just amazing too as the letters of Dior are stamped into the eyeshadow.

All 4 colors are amazing and have a fantastic amount of pigment in them. The letters don't fade with use either which is great. The colors can be worn on their own but they do look better blended together to create one unique look. I wore the green shade as a base and layered the pale blue on top. I then blended the darker blues into the outer corners.

I just love the look I created with this palette and once the colors were on they didn't crease or fade. The texture of the eyeshadows was very workable and blended together nicely.

There is another eyeshadow palette from this collection in yellow and brown shades. I do prefer this one out of the two, the other palette is great for those who like a more earthy look.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Too Faced Melted Metal

I love Too Faced and I decided to try their Melted Metal Liquid Lipsticks. The color I got was called Dream House and is a metallic fuchsia shade.

It comes in squeezy tube packaging, which I'm not really fussed on. I've tried the Melted Matte lipsticks and think the packaging is a lot better as it comes in lipgloss style with an applicator. Squeezy tubes can get messy, although this one isn't that bad. When you open it, there is a sort of sponge on the tip which allows you to glide the product over your lips. It isn't as messy as I thought, but I would prefer packaging like Melted Matte.

It has a good amount of pigment in it and builds up really easy to the lips. It doesn't feel at all sticky and even though it may look like a gloss, it is definitely a liquid lipstick. 

The color looks awesome on, although it isn't as long lasting as I would have liked. It did need reapplying later on in the day as most of it had come off. Apart from that, it is a really awesome color which looks great on.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Clinique Crayola Chubby Sticks

Lately I saw the most amazing thing to happen in makeup this year. Actual Crayola crayons you can use on your lips. That's right, you can now buy Crayola lip crayons. When I first saw it, I was immediately fascinated. I never once imagined a brand like Clinque would bring out actual lip crayons.

They are basically Clinique's Chubby Sticks themed to Crayola crayons. They come in a range of different colors too. Chubby Sticks can be quite sheer so I went for Chubby Stick Intense which gives a much stronger color to the lips. The two colors I got were Brick Red and Red Violet.

With any two colors I also got a free makeup bag to put them in.

The two colors I got are great because they really stand out. The color built up really nice too and kept my lips feeling nice and hydrated. My lips do get dry so the chubby sticks are great as they feel conditioning too. Chubby Sticks are not really a lipstick but a moisturizing lip color balm. 

You can apply the color sheer or really build it up. These are the intense version of the Chubby Sticks so they do have a lot more pigment in them than the regular Chubby Sticks. They did need a bit of reapplying later on in the day.

I just love the design of them, they look just like Crayola crayons too. I know many brands offer lip crayons, but these ones actually are crayons. 

Dior Spring 2017 At Debenhams

Last week I was invited by Ant, who is a really talented makeup artist at Dior in Debenhams Cardiff, to try the new Dior Spring 2017 collection. I've seen pictures of this collection online and was really looking forward to trying it. 

The collection is right up my street as it has some really bright colors in it like blues and pinks. I love makeup that really stands out so I asked Ant to give me a look really similar to the one on the visual.

The Spring 2017 collection is called Colour Gradation. Created by Peter Phillips, the collection offers a unique experience with Colour Gradation in which pigments fuse on the eyelids, lips and cheekbones. Colour Gradation is all about joy and turning beauty into a playing field where every woman in Dior sets her own rules.

Ant did a fantastic job at doing my makeup and did it just how I like it. Out of the products in the collection, I really liked the eyeshadow palette best and decided to get myself one. There are two palettes in this collection, a blue one and one with yellow and brown shades.

I just loved the combination of the blues and pinks in the look Ant did on me. Dior Forever is one of my favorite foundations and I love the radiant look it gave my skin. I also got a really good goody bag with some fab samples in it. 

I enjoyed trying the samples and my new eyeshadow palette too. The colors in it looked awesome on. Thanks Ant for showing me the new collection and doing my makeup for me.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Sweet Scents From I Love

I've seen a few bloggers do posts about this beauty brand called I Love. It's basically a brand which sells all different products like body butter and bath products in some really sweet scents. The brand has a good range of products to choose from and can be found in stores like Boots and Superdrug. Some of the scents in their product range include coconut and strawberry.

I decided to try some products from the brand as they sounded awesome. The products are not expensive too which is a bonus. 

The products I got were:

Raspberry And Blackberry - Body Butter, Bath And Shower Creme, Super Soft Hand Lotion
Chocolate Truffle - Body Butter, Refreshing Body Spritzer
Tropical Paradise - Body Butter, Bath And Shower Creme

The Body Butters come in good sized tubs. The packaging does remind me a lot of the Body Shop Body Butters, think they are about the same size too. These have quite a strong scent to them, which isn't at all overpowering. The texture is quite heavy and thick, unlike the Body Shop ones. I liked to apply these ones in the evening before I went to bed as I did like to let them sink into the skin overnight. Out of all of the Body Butters, I liked Tropical Paradise best. For some reason the Raspberry And Blackberry one had a different scent to the other products I got with the same scent. The Body Butter seemed to have more of a strawberry scent to it.

I really liked the Raspberry And Blackberry Hand Lotion, the scent was amazing and it felt nice on the hands too. I don't like greasy feeling hand cremes and this one didn't feel at all greasy. I wasn't too fussed on the Chocolate Truffle Body Spritzer as I wasn't a fan of the scent. It didn't smell that chocolaty to me, which is strange as the Body Butter with the same scent smelt fab.

The Bath And Shower Cremes were fantastic. I have only really used them as bubble bath and haven't really bothered with them in the shower. Both have amazing scents to them and I can't really pick a favorite out of them both.

I really liked the scents. Tropical Paradise and Raspberry And Blackberry had to be my favorite. Tropical Paradise reminds me of the summer while Raspberry And Blackberry smells really nice and sweet. The scents do sort of have an artificial scent to them, especially the Chocolate Truffle. Out of them all Tropical Paradise is probably the most natural smelling scent.

For the price you can't go wrong and I do recommend trying out this brand.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur - Cassis

I'm a big fan of lip crayons. I've been using them for years and many different brands - drugstore and high end offer them. Very recently Chanel have released their version of the lip crayon, it's called Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur and comes in a good choice of colors. The color I really liked was called Cassis and is this really awesome dark berry color. I got this one for £28.00.

Some lip crayons, to sharpen them you have to use an actual sharpener. With this one, no sharpener is needed as you just twist the bottom when you need to get more color. It's got a really nice creamy feel to it and is very well pigmented. I didn't need to use a lot to get the color to show up as the pigment was so strong.

I really don't like lip crayons that feel dry and this one was the complete opposite. The color stayed on all day too and didn't need reapplying.

This is a fab product from Chanel and I will be getting more of these. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

NYX Cosmic Metal - Galactic And Speed Of Light

I really like NYX's lip products, especially their Cosmic Metals. These are a highly pigmented lip cream with a metallic finish. They come in some really awesome colors, especially really crazy shades like blue and green. I've tried a few of these already and two colors I had my eye on for a while were Galactic (Dark Grey With Silver Shimmer) and Speed Of Light (Rose Gold With Shimmer).

I really like how these are a lip cream and not a gloss. Gloss often feels really sticky and doesn't go very well in the windy weather here in the UK. These two colors look awesome on and have plenty of pigment in them. I just love the metallic finish on them as they really stand out too. The texture doesn't feel sticky either which is great as who loves a sticky lip product. Later on in the day they did need a bit of reapplying.

Out of the two Galactic had to be my favorite.


Speed Of Light

Friday, 10 February 2017

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks

I'm a big fan of NYX lip products, so I decided to try their Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. They come in a range of different colors from really natural to very dramatic. I got quite a few of them in Baby Pink (Lilac Toned Light Pink), Pink Lyric (Bright Blue Toned Pink), Louisiana (Bright Strawberry Pink), Shiva (Blue Toned Fuchsia), Chloe (Iridescent Fuchsia), Lala (Mauve Plum), Castle (Shimmery Soft Plum), Violet Ray (Violet), Bruised (Deep Violet), Snow White (Deep Blue Toned Red), Cocoa (Rich Mauve), Peach Bellini (Glittery Coral) and Rea (Muted Beige With Mauve Tone).

Bruised, Snow White, Violet Ray, Lala, Cocoa, Rea, Castle, Baby Pink, Chloe, Shiva, Louisiana, Pink Lyric, Peach Bellini

Swatch - Bruised, Snow White, Violet Ray, Lala, Cocoa, Rea, Castle, Baby Pink, Chloe, Shiva, Louisiana, Pink Lyric, Peach Bellini
I really like this range of lipsticks from NYX as they really aren't that bad and for £4.00 each you can't go wrong. They do have a nice creamy texture to them which feels comfortable to wear and with color that builds up really well. I did find that some colors were more sheer than others, these were - Baby Pink and Peach Bellini. The rest were not sheer at all.

The color payoff was really good, although they do need reapplying throughout the day as they don't stay on all day.

Baby Pink 
Peach Bellini
Pink Lyric
Violet Ray 
Snow White

Thursday, 9 February 2017

NARS Bumpy Ride Blusher

The NARS Spring 2017 collection is now available and features products in some amazing colors. I was looking at the collection the other day and noticed this really awesome blusher called Bumpy Ride.   The color is described as being a shimmering candy pink. In the photo it looks really pink, but in natural light it looks more like a peach pink.

Like all other NARS blushers I have tried this one is really pigmented too. The texture is nice and soft and doesn't feel dry or powdery. The shimmer in it gives my cheeks a really nice glow too. The color is really blendable and buildable, although you don't need to use a lot to get the color to show up. I find it best to gradually apply the color. Building a blusher up is a lot easier than trying to tone it down, because you have applied too much.

This is a really awesome blusher and looks just as good on, as it looks in the packaging. Once on it stays on all day and doesn't fade. This is another great color from NARS.