Friday, 19 September 2014

Simply Bare Bloggers Event

I got an invite to the Simply Bare bloggers event which was yesterday evening. Simply Bare is a boutique style waxing salon in Cardiff's High Street Arcade. It uses only Lycon Wax and does a mixture of hot wax and strip wax. The boutique also does massage and facials.

Attending the event was a couple of other bloggers and at the event we were provided with some lovely snacks along with Bucks Fizz to drink. There was also other drinks for those who didn't want alcohol.

Me and some other bloggers were given a tour around the boutique. All of the wax is flavored, allowing the client to choose which one they want. There was all sorts of lovely smelling flavors from chocolate to my favorite - berry.

After the tour we were given a talk from the owner of the boutique - Leah. She basically explained to us why she started Simply Bare and how it is different from many other waxing places in Cardiff. Many people find waxing to be quite daunting, especially if you have had a bad experience in the past. For people who are really sensitive or don't have a very good pain tolerance - Simply Bare is the best place to go as they offer hot wax along with strip wax.

We were all explained how hot wax is different from having strip wax. I have heard how it is good for very sensitive areas - especially the bikini area. Some people have even told me how it isn't that painful compared to strip wax.

Part of the talk also was about the benefits of professional waxing vs home waxing. I've tried waxing myself at home before and it didn't go very well. Was a very painful experience compared to when i've had waxing done in a salon. We were also told about this one woman who had one of those microwavable wax pots which ended up exploding in the microwave. Someone even tried waxing below and she ended up ripping her skin, ouch!!

The next part of the evening was the demo, which was my favorite part. We were taken into one of the waxing rooms and shown how hot wax works. One of the ladies volunteered to have her upper lip waxed with the Lycon chocolate wax which we were told smells absolutely amazing, especially if you have an area done close to your nose.

The waxing looked painless and really straightforward. I've only had strip wax done so was really good to see how the hot wax way is done. We were all given the opportunity to try some hot wax on our arms to see how it feels. When the wax was removed I could feel the hair coming out but it wasn't a sharp rip pain like strip wax.

All of the bloggers were also given a 10% discount on any waxing that we wanted to book in for. I really liked this boutique. It looked so professional and smart. I normally have strip wax done, but I am seriously considering coming here to try the hot wax.

All of the staff here were great, very friendly and happy to answer any questions we had.

I really enjoyed the evening and will be booking myself in for waxing. Thanks Simply Bare :)