Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A Lush Easter In Cardiff

The other week I got an invite to Lush's latest blogger event in Cardiff. I always get excited when there is a new blogger event coming up, especially when it is with a brand I love using such as Lush. The event was all about the new products that are out for Easter.  We are almost at the end of February already, so Easter really isn't that far away now. Easter this year I think it is at the end of March.

Lush's blogger events are really popular and attract a good amount of people. This one was no exception and greeting us was some flavored water along with some carrot sticks (very suitable for Easter). I was really looking forward to checking out all the new stuff.

My favorite Lush Easter product has to be bath bombs. For Easter many bath bombs are shaped like Easter Eggs (how appropriate ). What I love about these events Lush do, is you actually get a person from Lush taking you around the shop and showing you everything. It's like a really friendly personal shopper and there is absolutely no pressure to buy everything either.

I was shown all of the new bath bombs for Easter and also the Mothers Day/Spring items too. There were some familiar products from last year too such as Which Came First. It's basically an easter egg within an easter egg. Last year it was called The Immaculate Eggception. To get to the egg inside you have to crack the outer layer. I really enjoyed watching the demos with the bath bombs too.

One of the new bath bombs for this year is Humpty Dumpty. Like Which Came First you have to crack the outer layer to get to what is inside. I really like the idea of doing a Humpty Dumpty bath bomb. It's a fab idea for easter. 

A favorite of mine from last year was the Bunch Of Carrots bubble bar. They are back this year but are different colors. Instead of all being orange there are some pink and purple ones in the bunch too.


Humpty Dumpty

There was also new soap available too and what really caught my eye was this giant piece of soap. It was absolutely huge and the price was in 3 figures. Can you imagine actually owning a bar of soap that huge, it would last ages.

From the shower range is the limited edition Yummy Mummy Shower Cream. It's this amazing purple colored product and smells awesome. I'm pretty sure I saw this one last year too. Another great thing about this year's easter collection - a shower jelly that is actually shaped like a bunny. 

Easter and Mothers Day are also great times of the year to buy a gift for someone. Lush does a fantastic range of themed gifts. My favorites from the gift selection were the Happy Mothers Day set and this super cute yellow bunny gift called Bouncy Bunny.

I really enjoyed the event as usual and had a great time trying out all of the new products. I did take quite a few items away with me: Bouncy Bunny Gift Set, Mothers Day Tin, Humpty Dumpty, Flowering Tea, Fluffy Egg and Bunch Of Carrots.

Lush also provided a goodie bag full of Easter themed items. In my goody bag I got Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap, Fluffy Egg and Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb.

I had a really good time at the event and enjoyed seeing all the new products. I'm going to enjoy using them a lot. Thanks Lush for hosting such a fab event.


  1. Looks like a great event, I adore lush products. I really need to start going to more blogger events like this, they are hard to find in Glasgow tho!

    1. Definitely contact Lush and ask if they have any events near you x

  2. The products at Lush are so pretty, especially the bath bombs!

  3. envying you so much right now! and i can finally see you!

  4. Their range is massive! I think I'd find it a bit overwhelming! x

  5. Ooh I love lush wish I could've come!