Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lush Easter Blogger Event Goodies

This week I had a fantastic time at the Lush Easter bloggers event in Cardiff. At the event I had great fun looking through all of the Easter products. There were also some Mother's Day items too which I thought were fab. At the event every blogger was given a goody bag with complimentary products in it.

I think Lush do blogger goody bags really well. Many other brands just give you samples, but Lush actually gives you full size items which I think is great. 

I've enjoyed using them and it is now time for a good review on them. In my goody bag I got Somewhere Over The Rainbow soap, Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb and Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. While the other items are Easter items, Rose Bombshell is a Mother's Day product.

Rose Bombshell

This one looks just like a regular bath bomb. Pink in color with a bit of blue, it has a sort of floral pattern on it. Very suitable as it is called Rose Bombshell. As soon as it gets dropped in the water it starts fizzing pink before giving out rose petals all over the water. I really like how rose petals have been included inside, it really adds to the effect.

I just love how this one is the scent of Rose Jam. This limited edition scent was found in a shower gel at Christmas. I really like the scent of Rose Jam and I'm really glad to be able to bathe in it.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

This one is from the Easter themed products. It's a smaller bath bomb compared to other ones and is shaped just like an egg, very appropriate for Easter. It's also a bright pink color and has a blue flower in it too. If you like your limited edition scents you will love this one as it is Snow Fairy scented. That's right, Snow Fairy scented. So if you love the scent of Snow Fairy, Fluffy Egg is a must.

Once dropped in the water it fizzes quite fast and changes the water a pink color. There aren't really any color effects with this one, I think the scent of it makes up for the lack of color show.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap

At the bloggers event I saw a huge block of this rainbow colored soap called Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It had every color of the rainbow which is great because depending on where the soap is cut you are bound to get a different colored product.

I got some of this soap in my goody bag and it has two colors - pink and blue. It's scented with mandarin, neroli and turkish rose giving a really awesome floral and sweet scent.

It lathers quite well too and makes you feel all nice and clean after.

I enjoyed using all of the products and thank Lush for providing them free of charge.


  1. i am a huuuuuuuuge lush fan, like i ADORE everything lush and litterally spend my soul out when i get to one of their shops. unfortunately i don't have one anywhere near where i live, so when i get to travel somewhere where there is one i just can't control myself. the amazing thing is that even if i don't know the city very well, i can smell my way to the shop, cause they all have this wonderful strong smell also from outside and a few meters afar. i also appreciate their environment friendly packagings and ingredients as well, the fun designs and names ect. i didn't know anything about bloggers events, can you just go or are they exclusive and you need to be invited? as i already said i like your hot tub pics so much where you show how the bath bomb melts in the water. i really really hope you are also sneak in after having taken the pic and enhjoy the delicious bath! i find the somewhere over the rainbow name and cut idea so genious and i now really want to try that rose bombshell so looks so cute and all the petals in your might as well become my new favourite after sex bomb!

    1. I got on their bloggers list by contacting the company and also going into store and giving them my blog details. Whenever they have a bloggers event I get emailed an invite x

  2. I have the 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' soap and it's honestly one of my favourite products from Lush. Going to have to keep an eye out for the 'Fluffy Egg' bath bomb too, it looks adorable! Think I know what I'm picking up on my next Lush visit :) xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty Diary

  3. That is a great goodie bag, love that rainbow soap, will have to get some of it and see what colour I get.

  4. That Easter egg bath bomb is super cute! xx