Saturday, 2 June 2018

Nanshy Face Brush Set

Having the right tools when doing makeup is very important, which why investing in high quality brushes is a must. At IMATS there were many stands selling brushes, some I haven't heard of before and others I have tried too. One brand I had tried before was Nanshy. At a previous event I had tried one of their brushes and thought it was amazing. I was really glad to see Nanshy were back this year as I wanted to get more of their brushes.

They sold their brushes as singles or as part of a set. As the brushes were fantastic I decided to get myself a set of face brushes.  The set features 5 brushes including buffed base, blush and bronze, conceal perfecter, flawless foundation and angled airbrush.

These are very good quality and feel very well made. The brushes are very soft and do give my makeup a flawless finish to it. I just hate it when hairs come off brushes and with these ones the hairs stay on the brush and off your face, just as they should do. Another bonus is that they are cruelty free, vegan too and are approved by PETA.  If only more brands would be cruelty free.

I highly recommend these brushes to anyone as they are very easy to use and are high quality. I also got myself a brush holder to go with these which makes them easy to carry around.

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