Sunday, 30 August 2015

Urban Decay, Elemis, Ghd Event. John Lewis Cardiff

I got myself a ticket for an event by Urban Decay, Elemis and Ghd in John Lewis, Cardiff. Tickets were £10, and fully redeemable against items purchased on the evening. I went to this on Friday. Another great thing, the brands were donating money to a breast cancer charity. So the money went to a good cause.

The event was held in a room off the shop floor. Waiting for us were refreshments along with people from Ghd, Elemis and Urban Decay. Yes, Urban Decay now have a counter in John Lewis now. There was complimentary hair styling, facials or hand massages and mini makeovers available. 

First I got my hair done by a stylist at Ghd. I love my hair poker straight so the stylist was able to get my hair looking like that and really smooth too. I don't have the Ghd stylers at home, but have had them used on my hair loads of times. The end results are amazing.

At Elemis, I decided to go for a facial. I've tried Elemis before and love their range of skincare. There is something for most skin types. The mini facials were nice and quick and gave us a feel for what the products were like. Elemis offer full treatments in their treatment room on the shop floor where you can have a really nice facial.

As I said earlier Urban Decay now have a counter at John Lewis and on the night they were on hand to give mini makeovers. The counter has been open for a couple of weeks now and I really had no idea UD were in John Lewis. I'm always at their Debenhams counter and go to their events. I went to their masterclass there recently for the new Naked Smoky palette and they never once mentioned a new counter open. They always love to tell you about new products coming out and what they love about different ones. So you would think they would at least tell you about how they are expanding in the South Wales area.

I do think it was very sneaky and wrong of them to not mention it. I understand they want to keep their clients from Debenhams, but come on it is the same company and it makes good customer service to tell your clients there is another place in the area where they can buy stuff. Very often it gets very busy on the Debenhams counter and can be hard to book a makeover on the day you want. They sometimes run out of the item you need too, meaning you have to order it online or wait until they get more in. Having another counter nearby means a better chance of getting what you want if the other one doesn't have it. The John Lewis counter on the other hand is much quieter and I actually prefer it. The service there seems more personal as it's less busy. The John Lewis counter is now my preference for shopping at Urban Decay in Cardiff.

As I had done all of my eye makeup earlier I just went for a face makeover at the event. I have quite a bit of Urban Decay stuff so I did like looking at stuff I don't have. I had my makeup done by Kate who did an awesome job. I really liked how she did my makeup and will be going back to the counter.

The new Urban Decay counter at John Lewis

I really enjoyed the event and had a great time. I love these sorts of events as you can try all sorts of new things. I also got a goody bag with quite a few samples in it.


  1. Looks like you had a lively time and so nice that money was being raised for such a good cause!

  2. Ooh that looks like a fab event! Wish I had something similar close by... ah the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!
    I've got a hankering for the Naked 3 palette but my bank balance doesn't agree. Maybe a Christmas present "from the kids"? ;)

    1. The Naked 3 palette is the only Naked palette i don't have x

  3. I really wanted to go to this but couldn't make it but looks like you had a great time

    Laura x

  4. Sounds like it was a great event. I love John Lewis so it's good to know about urban decay now being in store

  5. Looks like a good event! :-)