Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite - Electric

From the Dior Fall collection I decided to get one of their 5 color eyeshadow palettes. I love Dior eyeshadows, the colors are fantastic. From the Fall collection, are two new limited edition palettes. The one I got is Electric. This is a palette with purples, green and silver colors in it. I really love the limited edition design that is printed in to the colors. It has Dior printed into the color, the letters are laid out in a sort of abstract way. This was £42.00.

I liked this palette best out of the two in the collection. This one definitely has my sorts of colors and you can go very dramatic with this one. The other one is great too, I just prefer this one. The way I used this one was to take the light pink color and use it as a base all over the eyes. I applied the two purple colors on top and blended the green into the outer corners. To give my eyes a bit of sparkle, I put a bit of the silver into the inner corner.

The pigment in the colors is fab and the letters don't really disappear as you use the eyeshadow. Blending was really easy too and I didn't have to use a lot to build to color up. Once they were on they stayed on and didn't crease.

This is a great palette for the winter months coming, or for those who like something dramatic all year round.


  1. Great little set. I love the shades and your eyes look perfect.

  2. Love the different colours. They transfer onto your skin so well! Quite often I find they look great on the palette, but not so good when applied, but this is lovely x

  3. You really suit the color and it looks great on you

  4. These look like great colours and pigmentation. They suit you. Purples and green are some of my favourites!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

  5. Nice colours. They look great on you :-D