Monday, 3 August 2015

NYX Macaron Lippie - Earl Grey

I decided to try another one of NYX's Macaron Lippies as I had gotten on so well with the other one. For someone like me who loves unusual color lipsticks, the Macaron Lippies are perfect as they are nice and creamy and come in colors such as blue and green. This one is called Earl Grey and is a lovely blue colored lipstick.

The texture of this one is nice and creamy. It has plenty of pigment too and in no time at all I was able to get opaque color. The texture is very similar to the Lime Crime lipsticks, but better. Throughout the day I did have to reapply it, but this wasn't until a lot later on. Earl Grey is not a color for those afraid of color, but for those who like to have a bit of fun with their makeup, I definitely recommend this one.


  1. Thats a serious colour splash! I love colours! I wouldn't do make up like that as simple as because I already have pink hair haha but its great! Love it!

  2. It's so blue, I love it! I love creamy lipsticks, they feel so much softer on your lips, mmm :) x

    Stephanie |

  3. This looks so creamy and opaque. Not a colour I'd be brave enough for but looks great on!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

  4. A bit too bright for me but looks nice and vibrant on you and goes well with the eye shadow! xx

    Kacie - The Rare Welsh Bit