Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lush Summer 2015 Blogger Event Cardiff

Yesterday I went to a bloggers event in Lush Cardiff, that I got invited to. I always enjoy Lush events as they are always really fun. Last night's event was all about the new summer products that Lush have brought out, along with products from their Oxford Street store in London. I'm really glad that some of the Oxford Street exclusives have now made their way to Cardiff. I love Lush's Salted Coconut hand scrub. Now I can get it without having to go all the way to London.

Waiting for us bloggers, were some drinks, biscuits and for those trying to be healthy - fruit. 

For Summer there are some really amazing products, including new soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars and more. Everyone at the event had someone from Lush take them around the store and tell them all about the individual products. It was sort of like a personal shopper and it was great. I enjoyed checking out all the new stuff and learning how to use them.

The new bath products are amazing and really fun. The colors look awesome. I especially liked Frozen and The Experimenter bath bombs. 


Check out the shimmer in Frozen

The Experimenter actually contains popping candy

The new soaps have the most awesome scent to them. The one that interested me the most was Devil's Nightcap. It has this mossy, straw like stuff on it that looks awesome. For Summer, Lush have brought out new shower jellies and shower gels. The one I liked the most was The Comforter, which has the same scent as The Comforter Bubble Bar. I was really disappointed to see that Grass shower gel had been discontinued. I loved Grass. it was an amazing product and actually reminded me of those summer days when the grass is being cut.

Not forgetting skin. Lush have brought out a product called Cup O Coffee. It's a face mask which actually smells like coffee. I love Lush skincare and I just couldn't resist trying this on my hand. It has a really nice scrubby feel to it too and the scent was just awesome. They have also launched new foot, body and hand products too.

Lush always do a really good goody bag at these events. They're not stingy either and give you proper sized products and not a load of samples. In my goody bag I got Yuzu And Cocoa shower gel, Salted Coconut hand scrub and Yoga Bomb bath bomb. I absolutely love Salted Coconut and have a big pot of it that I bought in London. I'm really glad to have another pot of it as I love using it and you can't have too much of it.

I also bought some goodies too. I decided to get - Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar, Frozen Bath Bomb, The Experimenter Bath Bomb, Pumice Power Foot Soap, Enchanted Eye Cream and Breath Of God Solid Perfume.

I really enjoyed the event and trying on all the new stuff. Thanks Lush.


  1. I've not brought anything from lush for a long time this looks like a fun event!
    Found you via Facebook comment link

  2. I recently went to the Oxford St Lush it was amazing! I ended up buying some of the exclusives as I didn't want to miss out but I hope they start appearing in more stores! The event looked great, I've been to a Lush event before, it was really fun!

    L x

    1. I love the exclusives too. Its great they are coming to more and more stores x

  3. It was a fab event. Great write up. I'm glad they have the exclusive products too x

  4. I love Lush. I have beeen a fan since they were Cosmetics To Go all those years ago. You can tell a Lush shop is in town by the smell....

    1. I'm a bit too young to remember Cosmetics To Go. I've seen the book they have about it in Lush x

  5. Looks like a great event. I do like their stuff :-D

  6. That must have been an amazing event, Hannah. Beautiful pics. Happy new week, girl.