Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekend Goodies - Duck and Chocolate Lip Balms and More

Last weekend I went shopping in Totnes and found the cutest ever items for sale. Duck lip balms and this chocolate soap and lip balm set. I found them in this shop that sold beauty and skin care products. They had all sorts of really cool things, including these duck lip balms.

The ducks come come in all sorts of flavours and colours and make your lips feel nice and soft.

Ain't they the cutest things ever.  The duck with the stars is cherry flavoured while the glittery one is strawberry flavoured.

To get the lip balm out you turn the duck upside down and open the bottom to get the product. It doesn't feel too sticky and you don't need to use a lot to make your lips feel nice and soft. I don't have a favourite out of the two as they both are amazing and smell awesome. As these ducks are so good, next time I go to Totnes I might just buy some more. They weren't expensive either and cost around £3 - £4.

From the same shop I also picked up this chocolate lip balm and soap gift set. This cost around £10.00 and I got a good sized bit of chocolate scented soap and these super cool chocolate lip balms.

The soap is called Chocolate Heaven and it actually looks like a bit of chocolate. The smell of it is so good, just like you have a bit of chocolate in front of you. 

My favourite part of the gift set has to be the chocolate lip balms. They come in packaging that looks like a box of chocolates. In fact the lip balms do look like chocolates. If I didn't know any better I would think they were.

You get four lip balms that just look good enough to eat. They all come with very suitable names - Mocha Choca, Rose Swirl, Vanilla Fancy and Praline Princess. To get the lip gloss out you just open the bottom and stick your finger in. 

Not only do they look good enough to eat, they smell good enough to eat. When I was applying the balm to my lips I could have sworn I was applying chocolate, the smell is absolutely amazing.

Overall I picked up some amazing goodies last weekend and have enjoyed using them.

Which ones are your favourite.



  1. how cute is that disco duck?!

  2. Oh those duckies are too cute - I need to find some of these for myself and the chocolate ones look so realistic - I want to eat them

    Laura x

  3. Imagine if the Disco one lit up at night, that would be awesome. They had a gold one too which I think was Creme Brûlée flavoured.


  4. The duck lip balms are so cute, I love the sparkly one, animal & glitter what more could I want! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life