Saturday, 31 May 2014

Playboy Blushing Bunny Shimmer Bronzing Powder

I got this blusher/bronzer the other week in Cardiff in The Powder Room. It's a bronzing powder by Playboy called Blushing Bunny Shimmer Bronzing Powder. It comes in round packaging and has a print pattern on the blusher along with the Playboy Bunny stamped into the product.

The packaging seems quite sturdy and although it's described as a bronzer I used it as a blusher. I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers, I always prefer mattes. The pigment in this product is quite good, to get colour showing up on my cheeks didn't take me long and the colour blended into my cheeks nicely. The product had a nice texture and didn't feel too powdery or chalky.

The best way to apply this is gradually pat you brush into the colour, there is no need to dig the brush into this colour as you will get too much on your brush. 

The colour gave my cheeks a nice pink shimmer to them. I didn't find the shimmer too much as a blusher, as a bronzer all over I think it would have been too shimmery. Once the colour was on there was no need to reapply, it stayed on all day.


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  1. It does have a nice pink shimmer to it! Looks good on :-)