Saturday, 24 May 2014

Playboy Sassy Pink Nail Polish

I know Playboy did a range of makeup a couple of years ago but I haven't seen it since now. I got this really bright pink nail polish called Sassy Pink for £1.99. This must be the brightest pink I have, it's very very bright and I love it. 

The colour goes on really nice and smooth to my nails. Not too thick or thin like some nail polishes do. The brush on the applicator makes applying the colour nice and easy. To make the colour opaque I gave my nails two coats. Drying time was just over a minute.

I'm in love with this shade of pink, it is very bright, just how I like it. It stayed on my nails for quite some time, until I decided to remove it. There was no chipping either, which i'm happy about.



  1. Wow that is mega bright! I like it. I do like this sorta bright nail polish :-)

  2. I have a really bright pink Illamasqua polish and I thought that was really bright. This one has beaten it for brightness x