Saturday, 31 May 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette

When I saw that Urban Decay were bringing out an eyeshadow palette with super bright colours I was very excited. I love my brights, so this was a must for me. I haven't really been into Urban Decay's Naked Range as I'm not really a natural sort of person. I only really use natural's for my makeup kit and find that MUA have done really good dupes of Urban Decay's Naked Range. I don't really want to spend over £30 on colours I hardly wear, when it comes to my must have colours then I'm happy to splurge.

The Electric Palette costs £38.00 and features 10 bright coloured eyeshadows that can be worn as part of many different looks. The packaging is fab too and comes in a hardwearing plastic palette with a colourful design on the front. The outer packaging is the same as the actual palette.

All of the colours in this palette have names

Revolt (Silver)
Gonzo (Bright Blue)
Slowburn (Orange Red)
Savage (Pink)
Fringe (Teal)
Chaos (Dark Blue)
Jilted (Pink Purple)
Urban (Purple)
Freak (Green)
Thrash (Lime Green)

The palette also comes with a double ended brush, I haven't used it yet though.

The colours in this palette are so bright, the picture cant describe how bright they are. The only colour I didn't think much of was Revolt. The silver didn't seem as pigmented as the others. All the other colours were very pigmented and blended really well into each other. Building up the colours didn't take long and all of them had a really nice texture to them.

My favourites in this palette were Gonzo, Savage and Chaos. My favourite colours to wear together were Urban and Chaos.


Savage And Jilted

Urban And Chaos

Slowburn And Gonzo


Freak And Thrash

Overall this palette was amazing and worth £38.00. All of the colours I used were creaseproof and lasted all day. You can have a lot of fun with all of the colours in this palette.



  1. They are very bright and bold. I like them! I think my favourite is Urban & Chaos - that looks stunning on you :-)

  2. Thanks, purple and blue go so well together :) x

  3. So pretty but never sure if I'd have the confidence to wear it xx

  4. Helen i'd recommend you try out some of the colours, you can have so much fun with them. If you don't want to wear them bold you can wear them sheer too x

  5. I love this palette as the colours are really strong, vibrant and interesting, on my must have list

    Laura x

  6. Laura, you have to get it. It's a must have bright palette. You won't regret buying it. x