Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bath Time Goodies

The other week when I was in Torquay I went shopping and found this candle store that not only had the most amazing range of candles, but a super cool selection of soaps and other bath products. I picked up a couple of products - soaps and a bath blaster.

First is the Ugly Ducking Bath Blaster. I've seen loads of these products available and Lush do a nice range, although I do like trying other brands. The one I got is by Bomb Cosmetics who sell all this sort of stuff on their website. I thought the Ugly Duckling looked so cute and is far from ugly. It's a white bath blaster with a small yellow duck on the top. I've used this in the bath and it makes my bath fizz up loads and has a nice citrus smell to it. 

Next is one of the soaps I bought. It's a super cute mini blue duck. In the bath I did try seeing if it would float on the water but it doesn't. It's still a nice cute soap that has a nice fresh scent to it. It lathers up quite well being as it is so small.

The other two soaps I got have this amazing scent to them. Raspberry Ripple and Sea Breeze. They are those hand cut soaps you can find and look like they will last ages. I don't have a favourite out of the two because they both smell so good. Raspberry Ripple smells so sweet and just like raspberries. Sea Breeze smells so fresh and makes you feel like you are by the sea.

Overall I just love these products. They are great to have in your bathroom and give off the most amazing scent.



  1. Oh these little duck soaps are too cute - you always found the sweetest things

    Laura x

  2. These look cool! Raspberry Ripple looks amazing!

    My feed wasn't working for your blog - it was still at your old one. So I've have to stop following you then re-following you again! Hopefully it'll work now! :-)

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