Sunday, 20 March 2016

Yankee Candle Easter Gift Set

For Easter, Yankee have released this awesome gift set with fragrances perfect for this time of year. The packaging is very Easter themed with nice bright colors, flowers and eggs on the box. In this set are three sampler candles in - Vanilla Cupcake, Jelly Bean and Bunny Cake. The set also comes with a votive holder that you can put your candles in. 

Vanilla Cupcake is the only scent out of the three that is available all year round. Bunny Cake and Jelly Bean I have heard are not going to be around all year, so this is a great time to get them. All three scents are quite sweet and definitely get you in the mood for all of that chocolate goodness next Sunday.

The scent is quite strong on all three. It's hard to decide which scent is the strongest. 

Bunny Cake is scented with coconut, vanilla and definitely reminds me of birthday cake.

Jelly Bean has this awesome sugary fruity scent to it.

Vanilla Cupcake has a lovely sweet scent to it and immediately reminds me of chocolate and cakes. It smelt so good I just wanted to pick the candle up and eat it. Probably not a good idea.

While Vanilla Cupcake is available in wax melts and all sizes of jar candle. Bunny Cake and Jelly Bean only comes in large jar candles outside of this set. This is a great way of sampling all three fragrances without having to buy a large jar candle.


  1. What a cute gift idea. I love Yankee Candles and spend far too much on them already :-D

  2. the bunny cake looks so cute and i'm sure i'd love the vanilla cupcake and its scent would make me wanna eat the candle! lol

  3. A lovely gift idea for those trying to avoid chocolate eggs!

  4. I love the sound of bunny cake - it sounds good enough to eat! Yankee candles are great quality, I can see why they have so many fans.

  5. That's a lovely set, love the bunny cake! xx