Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lush Mother's Day Gift Set

I'm loving these limited edition Easter and Mother's Day gift sets that Lush have brought out. I enjoyed browsing through them all at the bloggers event a few weeks back. After all who doesn't like a good gift set. One of the gift sets I really liked was this Mother's Day Gift Set that was available.

Unfortunately I don't have a mom to buy for so I thought why not treat myself. I mean anyone who likes these gift sets can buy them and even though it's from the Mother's Day range there is no reason why it can't be bought for anyone, especially if you like the products inside. What I really liked about this set was the packaging. It comes in this awesome pink, yellow and orange tin with floral design. The tin is really handy for putting all sorts of items in.

So what's in this set:

  • Sunrise Soap
  • Yuzu And Cocoa Bubbleroon
  • Think Pink Bath Bomb
  • Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
  • Sunflower Bubble Bar
  • Yummy Mummy Shower Cream
  • Helping Hands Hand Cream
  • Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (Sample size)
Another bonus is this set comes with seeds you can use to grow your own plants. They come in this small flower shaped paper that you wet and just put soil on top. 

Sunrise Soap

Unlike other Lush soaps this one is dome shaped which actually makes it a lot easier to use. Soap when wet can be hard to hold on to, but this one because of it's shape is much better. It's a bright orange color and with it's orange scent is a great one for Spring and Summer. The scent of this one reminds me of Orange Crush soda.

Yuzu And Cocoa Bubbleroon

This one shares it's scent with the shower cream of the same name. It's a nice sweet scent and reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange. I haven't used many Bubbleroons and when looking at them they do remind me a lot of Macarons. It's very tempting to pick it up and start eating it, but it's probably not a very good idea as I can't see it tasting very nice. It's just like a bubble bar but with a layer of shea and cocoa butter in the middle. I like to break this in half so it's easier to get to the butter. Like a bubble bar, crumble it under the water and just let the bubbles appear. One Bubbleroon gives a good amount of bubbles in the bath and thanks to the shea butter it makes your skin feel nice and soft too.

Think Pink Bath Bomb

For some reason Think Pink is smaller than Lush's other bath bombs. I have no idea why it's smaller but don't let the size put you off, you still get good color effects with this one. As you've probably guessed by the name this one is an amazing pink color and also has some flowers on it too. These come off really easy and once it is dropped into the water, these flowers start to float around before finally dissolving. There's not a big show of color with this one but instead turns your bath a really nice pink color.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
This is a great bath bomb with the scent of Rose Jam, one of my favorite Lush Shower Gel's. I've tried this one before and thought it was a fab product.

Sunflower Bubble Bar

This must be the biggest bubble bar from Lush I have seen ever. Sunflower is basically a bubble bar shaped just like a sunflower. It's great for the Spring and will definitely lift your mood with it's nice floral scent. I'm not sure if it's an Oxford Street exclusive, but in all other stores it's not availably separately from this set. Another great reason to get this one. As this bubble bar is so big I like to break it up into smaller pieces so it can be used again. You could probably get 4-5 baths with this one. Even using a small piece you still get a load of bubbles and it changes the water a nice yellow color.

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

This is one of those scents that are only available at certain times of the year. I had this one last year too and just remember the scent being so good. It's this awesome pale purple color too and feels really nice and moisturizing. 

Helping Hands Hand Cream
I'm always looking for a good hand cream as my hands do get quite dry. I've tried Love And Light by Lush which I really like as it feels nice and light but not greasy. Helping Hands is a lot heavier and thicker too. While I didn't need to use a lot to cover my hands I did find it a bit too heavy for me and also a bit on the greasy side. 

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
This is another product by Lush which I have enjoyed using and i'm glad that it's included in this set, even if it's just a sample size. You don't need to use a lot and it really does soften your cuticles. The scent is very lemony, so a great one to brighten you up for Spring.


  1. This is such a good idea and a great gift for the special lady in your life. Love lush products!

    Lottie xx

  2. You get alot in the tin for your money, I love lush might have to nip into see what they have got in for easter x

  3. everything about this gift set looks so nice and cute! out of curiosity: do you really take a bath after these bathbombs pics? i hope so! :)

  4. Love that bubble bar! You're right, I haven't seen that in any Lush stores so could well be a kitchen exclusive.

    1. It's either a kitchen item or an oxford street exclusive x

  5. I love that the set comes with seeds that you can plant, how cute! Love everything else that is inside as well.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. This is definitely their best mothers day set x

  6. This is such a cool and sweet idea. Love that cute tin.

  7. That's a lovely set. Love the basket it comes in x

  8. What a lovely set, it looks like you really enjoyed using it x