Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight is one of those bath bombs Lush do, but I always seem to look past them as they are an item that is available all year around. I also like trying stuff I haven't tried before and Twilight is one of those very products. It's a really nice pink color and has star patterns on it. I was really wondering what it would look like in the water.

Twilight is a great product to help you sleep and calm you down. Some of the ingredients in this one are lavender and ylang ylang oil. Lavender is actually used in aromatherapy to help treat insomnia.

Once dropped in the water it gives off a pink foam. There isn't just pink in this one and in no time at all this blue foam started to come out of the middle and swirl around the water. Once dissolved the water changes to this awesome dark purple color. 

I really like the scent of lavender and although I didn't have any trouble sleeping at the time I used this, I did find it extremely calming. This is a great one to use not long before you go to bed, it really does calm you down for the evening.