Monday, 18 January 2016

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

I decided to try this awesome yellow bath bomb from Lush called Fizzbanger. Bright yellow in color, you don't really expect it to do much in the water, which is why you should try it because you will be surprised. It manages to give quite a nice color show and also contains popping candy. Ingredients in this one include ylang ylang oil, cinnamon oil, pettigrain oil and gardenia.

Once dropped into the water it starts giving off this yellow thick foam before fizzing away. Halfway through it opens up to give off this amazing blue color, before all colors start to swirl and create their own pattern. You would never guess by looking at it there would be other colors apart from yellow in this one. 

It's a really nice one to get you in the mood for Spring and the scent is really uplifting too. The popping candy really adds to the effect.


  1. That's amazing that it has popping candy in it. How bizarre. I've never used a bath bomb - I prefer showers

    1. Bath bombs are amazing, you should give them a go x

  2. I love the colour effects of lush bath bombs, although I'm not quite sure about popping candy!

  3. This looks like such a lovely, pampering treat. I love cinnamon!

  4. Love the name of this one and the colour looks fab in the bath! Sounds intriguing