Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lush Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

For Valentines Day Lush have brought out a small range of limited edition products. I hate Valentines Day personally, but if a brand I know and love brings out new stuff I will happily try it. One of Lush's products I enjoy using are their bath bombs and a new one has been released for Valentines Day.

It's called Lover Lamp and is a white colored bath bomb with red hearts. It's a really sweet scented product and contains chocolate orange, vanilla absolute and orange oil. Alhough white bath bombs are not really colorful like many other Lush ones, you can actually be pleasantly surprised at what they do in the water.

This one fizzes extremely fast when dropped into the water and turns it this cloudy white color. Inside the bath bomb are loads of small red hearts and these start to spread out. The bigger hearts on the outside of the product also start moving around the water.

The hearts seems to be made of this really creamy buttery product that feels nice and moisturizing. You can definitely rub them into your skin and they don't stain either. I do wonder if this product is supposed to remind you of a lava lamp. I can just picture the liquid inside a lava lamp moving around like the water in the bath. The creamy hearts swishing around could definitely pass for lava.

Bathing in this one is definitely like bathing in a bath of Terry's white chocolate orange. 


  1. Eeeep! I picked up one of these this morning! It smells like an old Lush product, but I just can't think what it reminds me of!


  2. Looks lovely, I rarely take baths though, I love a hot shower to be honest :) I bet that smells 'lush' though :)

  3. This looks so pretty, I need one, I want one!

  4. Oh I love a good lush bath bomb, haven't used one for ages but making me want a bath now, Sure I have a few in a drawer! hehe!

  5. Awww how cute are those hearts that appear in the bath. So pretty x

    1. They really do give the appearance of lava in a lava lamp x