Saturday, 2 January 2016

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb

The Experimenter is one of Lush's bath bombs that came out last summer. It's a hexagon shaped bath bomb and is brightly colored too. Whenever a product has some many bright colors on it, it's a good sign as you will most likely get an awesome show of color.  Colors on this one include white, blue, pink, gold and purple.

This is a really fast working bath bomb and once dropped in the water it gives an awesome color show. All of the colors in this one work all different ways to create something that looks truly amazing. At first is a load of blue, before the other colors start to appear. First are purples along with pink, orange, yellow and green trails.

Once this one is fizzing away, the colors create some really awesome patterns in water. Words cannot describe how amazing this one is. You have to try one yourself, which you can as this one is available all year round. There is also one final bonus, popping candy, which you can hear for some time in the water as it is fizzing.

The Experimenter has this awesome strong scent to it too which is definitely more on the smoky side, probably due to the Vetivert oil that it has. There is also some vanilla and tonka in it too, which also gives it a sweet scent.

The color of the water also goes a nice green color once dissolved. 


  1. It looks like a cool shame and looks awesome in the bath :-D

  2. I love when you do this experiments! So cool, I want to try it now. Guess I'm heading to lush tomorrow! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Very cool colours! I have to admit, I have never personally tried any of Lush's bath bombs, I can't bring myself to spend £2 on an item I will use once.... However maybe I'll have to give one a go!

    Bethan Vincent

  4. The first pic reminds me of one of these temperature state map thingies, you know highest/lowest Cool! Happy 2016!!

    1. Yeah i know exactly the ones you mean, now you mention it, it looks just like them x

  5. This looks like a real treat; I love how pretty it makes the bath water looK!

  6. First of all I love the geometric design of this bath bomb and it sounds divine - I need to pop in store for this

    Laura x