Sunday, 13 December 2015

Miss Patisserie Bath Balls

The other week I went to a blogger event at Miss Patisserie in Cardiff. There were loads of amazing products to browse and I really liked the choice of bath bombs that were available. Miss Patisserie calls there ones - bath balls. I decided to get myself a box of 4. You basically pick up an empty gift box and fill it with any 4 of your choice. If you don't want four, you can also buy them individually too. I really like the gift boxes, they have this really arty design on them that looks really fancy. The bath balls are £3.49 each or you can have a gift box for £12.

The four ones I got were Clearing Aroma Fizz, Coral Bay, Calming Aroma Fizz and Daisy Chain.

Clearing Aroma Fizz, Coral Bay, Calming Aroma Fizz, Daisy Chain

The one thing I did notice about these bath balls is how long they last. They fizz for a good couple of minutes and are really long lasting. Other bath bombs from other brands fizz really fast, and these ones are about the same size as ones from other brands. 

Clearing Aroma Fizz
Clearing and Stimulating, Peppermint and Spearmint will help with stress relief, nausea and headaches. These oils also contain menthol, which is good for the skin because it creates a cooling sensation. Furthermore, it nourishes dull skin tone and improves the texture of oily or greasy skin.
This Bath Ball also contains Epsom Salt which is fantastic for detoxifying the body and achy muscles. In addition to all of these health benefits this Bath Ball will turn your water into a calming aqua blue colour.
This one as soon as you drop it into the bath fills the room with a really fresh and minty scent. Which is probably because of the peppermint and spearmint. I really like it as it's nice and clearing, it really does live up to it's name. It also appealed to me as I get migraines and headaches a lot. I'm always looking for good remedies for them apart from the regular painkillers. I didn't have a headache when I used this bath ball so I can't comment on how good it worked for them, but i'm sure it would do a good job of helping them feeling better because of the clearing scent of this one.  The water went a nice blue color too which looked awesome. Out of the 4, this one was the fastest working bath ball as it had fizzed out in under a minute.

Coral Bay
You know that feeling when you walk on the beach and you can smell that fresh salty scent... well Coral Bay Bath Ball smells just like that. It also has notes of water lily and freesia as well as invigorating citrus notes.
This product is so pretty, your bath will be filled with creamy lather in turquoise and coral pink colours that will leave your skin smelling fresh and invigorated.
This one reminded me of nice summer days down at the beach. As soon as I stepped into the bath I was taken away from the winter and right in the middle of summer. The citrus scent definitely added to the summer feel along with the water lily and freesia. This one took a couple of minutes to completely fizz and the water was changed to a nice pink and turquoise.

Calming Aroma Fizz
Containing the Calming King of all Essential Oils, Lavender, this Bath Ball will help reduce anxiety, induces sleep and strengthens the immune system. This product also contains Sea Salt which is an ingredient that provides essential minerals to the body to maintain good health.

This was my favorite out of all the bath balls. It had a very relaxing feel to it too, which is probably why it is called Calming. Like Coral Bay, this one took a couple of minutes to completely fizz and turned the water a nice purple color.

Daisy Chain
Very purple in color and comes complete with a daisy too. Once in the water, it gives off this really nice floral scent which makes you think you are in a field of daisies. The daisy doesn't dissolve with the rest of the product as it is made out of some sort of material. The water goes a nice lilac purple too and makes you think you are in the middle of Spring.

I definitely think these bath balls are some of the best I have tried. Unlike some others, these make a nice creamy feel to the water which I like. Miss Patisserie have done a great job with these ones.


  1. These bath balls look so cute! especially the one with the flower... Too bad I only have a shower at home, but no bath tub!

    1. Thats a shame, the bath balls are amazing x

  2. These bath balls are so cute, omg they would be perfect for my bath xx

  3. These look really amazing :-D

  4. Such great prices and the packaging looks lovely. I was invited to this event but couldn't make it so will have to pop in there before christmas.

  5. My children love bath bombs and I think they'd pick the daisy chain one :) looks like a great selection, good choices! x

    1. Yeah they have some great things in there x