Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lush Golden Wonder

Golden Wonder is a bath bomb that was released for the Lush Christmas collection. Shaped like a Christmas present, this doesn't look like you average bath bomb and is a lovely gold color. This is definitely a bath bomb to make you feel all festive.

This is a really awesome bath bomb and as soon as you drop it in the water it begins to unwrap itself. This one gives this amazing color show and at first, you get this white and yellow froth appearing before bringing out this fantastic colored turquoise. Then to finish off, these gold stars spread out throughout the water. Once dissolved it leaves the water this really nice turquoise color.

The citrus scent in it is really uplifting too, especially in these cold winter months. 

I think this is one amazing bath bomb and is quite a big one. I would say a bit bigger than Lush's regular bath bombs. Unfortunately this one is limited edition and is no longer available. 


  1. Ive had two of these and I think they are brilliant. I love the explosion of colours x

  2. Ahh, this just reminds me it's time to stock up on my Lush collection, pity this one is no longer available but I'm sure I'll get myself some other beauties.

    Dash | Mode Lily

  3. They are so pretty aren't they! Iv gad a few before and love the sparkles

  4. I wish i had picked this up!

    from helen at

  5. The gold stars are so cool :-D

  6. I love Citrus scents - so uplifting - had have such a long week could do with something like this

    Laura x

    1. Yeah its great for stress too. Unfortunately its limited edition so no longer available x