Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lush Butterbear

Butterbear is one of Lush's Christmas bath bombs. It's actually shaped like a bear which I find awesome. I'm pretty sure this one has been available before, but i've never really tried it before now. It contains cocoa butter, ylang ylang and has this really nice vanilla scent when dropped into the bath. Butterbear also has a dusting of cocoa powder on it too.

In the bath this one gives the water a sort of white foam. There are no dramatic color effects with this one, but the scent it gives off is just really nice and relaxing. I like vanilla scented things and this one is fab. The cocoa powder on top goes into the water and spreads out, although it is just for show as it doesn't actually give off a noticeable scent in the water, at least I didn't smell any of it anyway. If you hold the Butterbear up to your nose before putting it in the water, there is a small hint of chocolate.


  1. Looks too cute to use! Lol! Sounds nice :-D

  2. I got a butterbear for Christmas can't wait to use him!

  3. I love Butterbear! It's one of my favourite products from Lush's Christmas range. I especially like how subtle the smell is (plus it's so cute!)

  4. I have this and I love it so much, such a cute simple product but very effective :)

    Have a fab new year! xx

  5. I've tried a few of these and I love the scent!

  6. My son absolutely loves Butter bear (as do I) - one of our favourites for sure

    Laura x