Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lush Star Dust

Star Dust is a bath bomb from this year's Lush Christmas collection. Shaped like a star, it doesnt look like your usual bath bomb. Although in the photo there is some gold on it, it isn't supposed to have gold on it. This is just because it was next to Golden Wonder. 

As soon as it drops into the water it fizzes quite fast and gives out a white foam. This one is one of Lush's faster working bath bombs and not long after, blue started to appear. Just before it fizzed out it gave out a load of colored stars in the water, how cool is that. Once dissolved it changed the water this foggy ice blue color.

Just by looking at this bath bomb you wouldn't expect it to change the water a different color or have any special effects. 

It's definitely a nice relaxing one, especially after being out in the cold. The scent in this one is more like vanilla, which smells awesome.


  1. This looks so pretty! And the vanilla smell is definitely one of my favourites, I must check this one out :) x

  2. The vanilla smell sounds amazing :-D

  3. Oh that looks so cute I love that it's full of surprises inside

  4. I love bath bombs and lush have an amazing collection!

  5. I love Lush and I love vanilla :) this looks great. We were in there the other day and love that they offer demos now with the bombs! We went for Intergalactic :)