Friday, 24 August 2018

New Chocolate Bars From I Heart Revolution

Recently, I Heart Makeup changed it's name to I Heart Revolution. If you are familiar with the brand Makeup Revolution you will know that I Heart Makeup was it's sister brand. It looks like these last few months it has been changing some of it's brands. Freedom is no more and is now Revolution Pro. The same has happened to I Heart Makeup and has now become I Heart Revolution. They still bring out the same fantastic products at great prices.

I'm a really big fan of their chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes. And the guy behind the brands, Adam Minto also known as Mister Makeup, has given plenty of sneak peeks on his Instagram of what we can look forward to. Check him out at @adam_minto70. There are at least 3 more chocolate bars coming which look good enough to eat. When I was in Superdrug I picked up Violet Chocolate and Chocolate Orange.

I Heart Revolution/Makeup has really upped itself from when it first started. The one thing I've noticed about their newest palettes is that the color shades are actually written on the actual palette rather than on a plastic sheet. The Chocolate Orange palette still has a sheet but the Violet Chocolate one has it written on the palette. I much prefer this, plastic sheets are not only annoying but having it written on the palette does make it look more high end too.

Both palettes had a good amount of pigment in them, plus a fantastic color selection. Blending was easy too, even the matte shades blended nicely. Chocolate Orange has more warmer tones in it, while Violet Chocolate has cooler tones. Out of the two Violet Chocolate has to be my favorite as I prefer the cooler shades, plus purple is my favorite eyeshadow color to wear. 

I just love these palettes and really look forward to trying the other ones that are coming out too.

Here are the looks I created with both palettes.

Chocolate Orange

Violet Chocolate


  1. I wish I was more adventurous with make up but alas if I try it I look like I have been punched and am sporting a black eye I do love to admire it on others though

  2. I havent heard of this brand before. The colour pay off looks great and what a fab selection of colours x

  3. I love eh design of these and that they are well pigmented. Looking forward to seeing the 3 new ones when they come out.

  4. The chocolate bar design is pretty funky. I love the more neutral palette but both of them are nice.

  5. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't actually chocolate, but a great gift idea for a chocoholic

  6. They'e such vibrant colours. Its grea that they're moving away from plastic inlays too
    C x

  7. Oh my word, chcoloate bar eyeshadow pallets, whatever next! lol Your eyes look amazing with the violet chcoloate though. Mich x

  8. Ooo I love the sound & look of these! The colours are so pretty :)

  9. Love the colours on this palette.As usual, you look great on them!