Wednesday, 17 May 2017

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighters

I love highlighters and when I was in Superdrug I saw that MUA had quite a few on offer and in all different colors. The Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighters come in 10 different shades and are £3.00 each. I decided to grab a few of them as they looked amazing.

The colors I got were Iridescent Gold, Pearlescent Sheen, Peach Diamond, Ice Sparkle, Rosewood Glimmer, Pink Shimmer, Gold Schintillation and Golden Afterglow.

Iridescent Gold, Pearlescent Sheen, Peach Diamond, Ice Sparkle, Rosewood Glimmer

Pink Shimmer, Gold Schintillation, Golden Afterglow
They all gave my skin this really nice glow to it. While the pigment wasn't on the same level as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits these ones were still good and worth checking out for £3.00 each. The texture wasn't at all dry and I didn't have to dig my brush into the color to get it to show up.

Golden Afterglow

Gold Schintillation 
Ice Sparkle

Iridescent Gold

Peach Diamond

Pearlescent Sheen

Pink Shimmer

Rosewood Glimmer

I do recommend checking out these colors as they look amazing on. And for £3.00 each, a bargain


  1. These are bright colors! I love them. What is the lipstick you are wearing in the Peach Diamond photo?

  2. These look lovely, perfect for popping in your handbag for using when out and about,

  3. These are beautiful to look at with the swirls and such good highlight pigment too!

  4. oooo I remember trying this brand out a lot when I worked in Superdrug! They are lovely

  5. Oh, wow. These look so good for just £3.00! I think my favourite is Rosewood Glimmer, it's just beautiful <3

    Louise x

  6. I love the names!! And £3- what a bargain!

  7. These sound good and I love the £3 price tag... that's in my price range!

  8. I've not tried these before but at that price I really should - they look fab! x

    1. You should try them, you will love them x

  9. The Rosewood and Peach shades look gorgeous on you - and a total bargain at only £3 each! X

  10. These are all beautiful colours and what great value too at only £3.00!

  11. Can't believe those products are only £3, they look so nice!

  12. Ooh I love how beautiful they are and look in the pan xxx

  13. I've just started using highlighters. These look great value for money. I like the gold one. I just bought a estee Lauder Victoria one which is amazing x

  14. I'm a highlighter junkie and these look so gorgeous and good value for money. Have you tried the new Barry M chrome drops?!