Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Makeup Revolution Revoholic Lips Palette

Makeup Revolution have brought out a lip palette called Revoholic Lips. I've never seen this brand bring out a lip palette before and the colors in it do look interesting. There is something to suit everyone with a mixture of nudes, reds, pinks and purples. The colors are laid out in this really interesting design too. 

I got this palette free in Superdrug as I had spent over £12 on Makeup Revolution products. I'm not sure how much it is to buy separately. There are three palettes in the Revoholic range - eyes, lips and cheeks. I have the eyeshadow palette already, the only one out of the three I don't have is the cheeks.

To apply the colors I used my Illamasqua lip brush. The colors had a nice creamy feel to them and did need a bit of building up as they did come out sheer at first. Whilst these are not the worst lipsticks I have tried, they aren't the best either. But for drug store makeup they are quite good. I did like the color choice as people who love their nudes will find something they like, as well as more dramatic people like myself. If you love colors that stand out this palette offers a good choice.

Once on they stayed on for a bit, but did need reapplying as most of the color did come off throughout the day.

I think it's great that Makeup Revolution have now brought out a lip palette. Hopefully they will be bringing out a lot more.


  1. This is a perfect palette as it is has every single colour you could possible want or need without having 20 lipsticks in the bottom of your bag. I do love Makeup Revolution products

    1. They make some good products, they are a lot better than when they first started out x