Friday, 10 February 2017

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks

I'm a big fan of NYX lip products, so I decided to try their Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. They come in a range of different colors from really natural to very dramatic. I got quite a few of them in Baby Pink (Lilac Toned Light Pink), Pink Lyric (Bright Blue Toned Pink), Louisiana (Bright Strawberry Pink), Shiva (Blue Toned Fuchsia), Chloe (Iridescent Fuchsia), Lala (Mauve Plum), Castle (Shimmery Soft Plum), Violet Ray (Violet), Bruised (Deep Violet), Snow White (Deep Blue Toned Red), Cocoa (Rich Mauve), Peach Bellini (Glittery Coral) and Rea (Muted Beige With Mauve Tone).

Bruised, Snow White, Violet Ray, Lala, Cocoa, Rea, Castle, Baby Pink, Chloe, Shiva, Louisiana, Pink Lyric, Peach Bellini

Swatch - Bruised, Snow White, Violet Ray, Lala, Cocoa, Rea, Castle, Baby Pink, Chloe, Shiva, Louisiana, Pink Lyric, Peach Bellini
I really like this range of lipsticks from NYX as they really aren't that bad and for £4.00 each you can't go wrong. They do have a nice creamy texture to them which feels comfortable to wear and with color that builds up really well. I did find that some colors were more sheer than others, these were - Baby Pink and Peach Bellini. The rest were not sheer at all.

The color payoff was really good, although they do need reapplying throughout the day as they don't stay on all day.

Baby Pink 
Peach Bellini
Pink Lyric
Violet Ray 
Snow White


  1. I'm a huge fan of NYX but I've never tried their lipsticks! I love these colors so I'll have to try them!

  2. Some lovely colours that suit you! I'd love to try cocoa and rea most :) x

  3. I have a NYX haul ready to happen but I am waiting for payday. I love the NYX Dewy setting spray. I have to admit I don't like this formula much x

  4. I'm not a big lipstick wearer buts one of the shades look great and just the colours I would choose and £4 isn't expensive if I decide I don't like it

  5. I love lipsticks. If I don't wear any other makeup it is okay, but lipstick is my go to everyday. I liked Cocoa and Louisiana. Definitely pretty colors that I think would also look good on me. Snow White looks really good on you!

  6. Wowww those lip color looks great on you...I never tried NYX ever I should definitely try them.thanx for sharing

  7. Great review. I love the fact that you wore all the shades. They all look great.

  8. Wow you got such a collection of them, some really unusual colours in there x

  9. Great colors :) They all look really good on you!

  10. They are all amazing but my favourites are Rea, Color and Lala. Just stunning x

  11. Wow so many colours! I like Rea the most, that's the sort of tone I go for :)

  12. Gorgeous colours! Thanks for showing how they all look :) you suit them all! I particularly love Bruised and Cocoa :D