Saturday, 21 January 2017

My Daily Makeup Routine

So I've decided to do a post on my daily makeup routine. Most days I will wear makeup, while there are some days I will feel a bit lazy and have a day off from it all. The colors and shades of my makeup routine vary from day to day. Everyday I will do a different look and will wear a different lipstick, eyeshadow and blusher. 

Before I put my makeup on I always start with my skincare. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Eye Cream. Once a week I will give my skin a good scrub using my exfoliator.

I'm one of those people who does my eyeshadow first. When I tell people this they look at me strange and wonder why I don't do my foundation first. I have a really good reason for it - drop down. When I do my eyeshadow there is always fallout and drop down, especially when I use a really dark color. This is the last thing you want if you have just applied your foundation and got it looking all nice. You just gotta wipe it off and start again, it's much easier to do foundation last.


  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Setting Spray
I've also started using a brand new foundation which I think is great. At the moment I'm using Perfection Lumiere by Chanel. Sometimes I will use an illuminator too which I mix in with my foundation to give my face an all over glow. One illuminator i like at the moment is Born To Glow by NYX.

Cheeks and Face
  • Blusher
  • Highlighter
In the summer I like to use a bronzer too. Somedays I will also do some contouring as well.

  • Brow pencil
  • Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Benefit High Brow
What I use on my brows depends on the day. Some days I will just use a pencil, others I will use my Dipbrow Pomade which is a fantastic brow product.

  • NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
  • Eyeshadow
  • Supercat Eyeliner by Soap And Glory
  • Mascara
  • Chanel Le Crayon Khol Eye Pencil
A good eyeshadow base is essential to keeping your eyeshadow on all day and creaseproof. My all time favorite primer for the eyes has to be the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base from NARS.

  • Lipliner
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Crayons
  • Liquid Lipstick

I like to use a wide range of lip products including lipsticks, crayons and liquid lipsticks. I really don't like gloss as it does feel sticky and is a nightmare to wear in the winter. Getting your hair stuck in the gloss because of the windy weather outside really isn't good.

So there is my daily makeup routine. Hope you all enjoyed reading. Do you have a daily makeup routine too?


  1. Yes I do and I really enjoyed reading about yours! Love picking up ideas 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. My daily routine isn't even daily haha, only when I'm going out the house but I always do my eye make up first. It always takes me the longest!

  3. I needn't to get some primer!

  4. I have a routine I do the same make up near enough everyday but if i have more time I'll wear eyeshadow.

  5. I like this post, it's fun! I don't really like lip gloss either. My routine changes, but I almost always wear eyeliner x

  6. I love your routine, I wish I was as good as you for doing my makeup.

  7. I don't wear makeup very often but one of my daughters does. Funnily enough we were having the eyeshadow/foundation first chat the other day. She was curious about trying it your way.

    1. It's definately easier as you don't have to worry about having to do your foundation again x

  8. I have different routines for the weekday and weekends but I love the range of products you use x

  9. I totally get why you'd do your eyeshadow first, I'm just in such a routine to not do it x

    1. Doing foundation first is just annoying for me x

  10. I do t have a daily routine as I don't wear it that often being a sahm I will wear a light makeup when I go back to work in sept nothing to heavy though I like light natural looks

    1. I don't like natural, i much prefer something really nice and colorful x

  11. I use some of these products, my big quest this month is to find a decent mascara primer because I really struggle to fully remove it.

  12. You have such a vibrant everyday routine - mine is so boring haha!

  13. Looks like a great daily routine with some fab products. I don't wear lots of make up daily so it's usually just foundation, concealer, power, mascara and my eye brows x