Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Lush Santa In Space

For Christmas, I got quite a few Lush gift sets and one of them was called Santa In Space. This one is great as the products come in this really awesome tin that you can reuse and put different things in. The artwork on the tin looks great too. It's basically Santa in a space ship. Hence the name - Santa in space.

So you're probably wondering what is in this set. There was Santa Fun, Twilight Shower Gel, Big Bang Bubble Bar, Intergalactic Bath Bomb and Northern Lights Bath Bomb. Some of the products are re releases from last year as well as some old favorites that haven't been seen in quite some time.

Santa Fun
This is exactly what the product is, fun. I've used fun before and it's basically play doh for the bath. You can use it as bubble bath, shampoo, shower gel or soap. This one is called Santa and has all the colors you need to be able to make your own Santa. I had a lot fun making mine and in no time at all he dissapeared into the bath. We will have to wait until he reappears later this year.

Twilight Shower Gel
This product is exclusive to the set, it can't be bought separately any more. I think this one was available as a product on it's own a few years ago but has been discontinued. The Kitchen has been known to bring products back, so if you love this product it is a good idea to keep checking The Kitchen. This one is a really nice dark purple color and has the scent of lavender and sweet tonka. 

Big Bang Bubble Bar
This one has reappeared again from last year and is one of my favorites from the Christmas collection. To use just crumble it under running water and let the bubbles appear. This one creates plenty of bubbles and changes the water a really awesome blue color. It has quite a citrus scent to it and also has the bonus of feeling really moisturizing too, thanks to the avocado butter.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb
This one is an old favorite from a few years back and I'm glad Lush have decided to re release it. It's not shaped like a regular bath bomb and is really brightly colored with purple, yellow and blue. When a bath bomb is this colorful to look at, it really does make you wonder what it will look like in the water. As soon as it's dropped into the bath the colors start to appear right away. The purple starts to fizz giving off the awesome color in the water. Blue and yellow then start to fizz away in all different directions. The color show is just amazing, along with the scent of jasmine and ylang ylang.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb
This one like Northern Lights is super colorful. Unlike the other items this one is available all year round and isn't a Christmas bath bomb. I've written about it before on here so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it. The color show is just awesome and another bonus is, it actually has popping candy in it that makes the most amazing sound in the bath.

This is just a fantastic gift set from Lush. I've really enjoyed using all of the products in it. Christmas gift sets from Lush are just amazing.


  1. That is such an amazing gift set! I love the Twilight shower gel, it's so relaxing! I managed to pick one up from the Oxford Street store at Christmas.

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

    1. I didnt make it to that store before xmas. I like how they were selling it separetely x

  2. Oh wow these look really cool. I bet my daughter would LOVE to test these out. Lush looks like a nice brand!

  3. This is such a great gift set and I am sad I didnt get it for the tin alone, never mind the contents x

  4. Really great gift set - really impressed by your Santa you made!

  5. I love Lush products! I would've been delighted to find this under my tree.

  6. Loving this set, my children would have great FUN with the Santa Fun!

  7. I absolutely love Lush, like most I'm a big fan of Snow Fairy so stocked up on it this Christmas. That Santa Fun looks really cute! And I'm loving the colours in the Intergalactic bath bomb too. x

  8. hahahahaha the whole concept about this one is the best!

  9. I had this set myself and oh my lord its amazing and smells beautiful!

  10. How cute is that packaging! Building santa looks fun although I don't think I'd want to use him afterwards lol x