Thursday, 5 May 2016

Miss Patisserie Box Of Bath Balls

In the Miss Patisserie blogger event on Saturday I decided to grab a box of bath balls. I love bath balls as they make some really awesome color effects in the bath. I've used quite a few of the ones from Miss Patisserie before and I noticed some brand new ones too. You an buy them individually or you can have a box of four. The ones I decided to get were Unicorn Hoof, Kyoto, Limelight and Pink Pepper.

Unicorn Hoof
Colored with blue, pink and yellow, you can tell that this one is bound to give a really colorful bath just by looking at it. It's not your standard bath ball shape either and does seem to look a bit smaller at first. Looks can be deceiving though as once dropped into the water it does give an amazing show of color. The colors appear right away and while the blue stays constantly in the middle, yellow and pink swirl out around the water. The more it fizzes the more effects there are. In the pink and blue a marble sort of pattern appears. Towards the end the bath ball splits in two with pink and yellow doing their own thing. The scent of this one is sweet blossom and peach.

This is another colorful one and unlike Unicorn Hoof this one works very fast. As soon as it is dropped in the bath, lilac and purple fizz and bubble, creating their own patterns. Halfway through, some blue starts to appear to create a really unique effect. Words cannot describe how amazing this one is. It has a floral scent to it too with peach blossom, orchid and honeysuckle. 

Although not as colorful as Unicorn Hoof and Kyoto, this one still manages to deliver some color. Once dropped in the water, it starts to foam green before some pink gradually appears. Scented with lime and tiare flower, this is one of those medium speed bath balls, it's not fast like Kyoto but not very slow either. Halfway through, the green and pink foam begins to swirl and create its own pattern. Before it finishes fizzing the ball separates in two - pink/green and pink/yellow.

Pink Pepper
This is the least colorful out of the four and doesn't really have any amazing color effects. Once dropped into the water it immediately turns your water a bright pink color. As color goes, that is all this one really does. I would say this one is more of a scent experience rather than color. As soon as it is dropped the room is filled with this most amazing scent of pepper, vanilla and musk. It's a great scent at the end of the day as it is nice and warming. Pink Pepper also comes with this flower that floats around the water once it starts fizzing.

This is another great selection of bath balls and I enjoyed using them all. My favorite out of them all had to be Kyoto as the colors looked amazing.


  1. Oh those are so gorgeous, I love them. They can be kind of pricey for a single bath but still a lovely treat to enjoy.

  2. Aw, these are so cute! I love colourful baths, they just make me feel all happy!

  3. They look amazing! I love the last one and that it turned the bath pink! It looks so calming. x

  4. Wow what a pop of colour. Lush bath bombs always smell amazing. I love the sound of the pink pepper

    1. I think these ones are better than the Lush ones x

  5. I love how colourful these are!!