Sunday, 1 May 2016

Miss Patisserie 2016 Bloggers Event Cardiff

Yesterday I went to a bloggers event at Miss Patisserie in Cardiff. Miss Patisserie is a bath/skincare brand that offers many different products like face masks, bath bombs, scrubs and more. I went to their last bloggers event last year and was really looking forward to this one, especially after trying their products and seeing they had new ones out.

The store is located in Cardiff's High Street Arcade and has a really nice relaxing feel about it. They also have a fantastic display in the window of what appears at first to be cupcakes. Unfortunately you can't eat them as they are for the bath. They do look good enough to eat.

The event was pretty laid back and relaxed. Since I last shopped here I did notice that there were many new products available, especially in the bath bomb range. I really like the ones that Miss Patisserie make, the scents are awesome and they leave your bath water pretty colors. 

I just love product demos and I was particularly interested in a product called Bath Crumble. I have seen it before in the store and online, but had never really tried it out before. As a person who loves bath bombs, Bath Crumble was right up my street. It's basically crushed up bath bomb. You just drop it into the water and wait for the colors to appear.

There was also a new product called Bath Shard. They came in all different colors and they reminded me a lot of chocolate and they were very tempting to eat.

Another bonus was on the day was 10% off all purchases. If you spent £50 you got 20% off. There were quite a few things I wanted to get. I quite liked the Bath Shard and Bath Crumble so I got those along with a box of 4 Bath Bombs and a Shower Steamer.

I thought the event was great and I enjoyed trying out new products. The last event they did was fantastic too. Thanks Miss Patisserie.


  1. I've heard of this brand before but haven't tried anything. The bath bombs look amazing!

  2. I've passed this shop in Cardiff, it looks lovely, I will have to pop in now as the bath bombs look gorgeous.

    1. I highly recommend it, they have some great stuff x

  3. What cute bath bombs! I love anything like this, and great you got to see them in action!

  4. Jealous!! I'd have loved this event. Next time I'm in Cardiff ill be tracking down this shop and spending a small fortune.

  5. The event looked great. I love relaxed ones. The new products look lovely too. Will have to try and visit soon x