Tuesday, 19 April 2016

NYX Macaron Lipsticks - Lavender and Key Lime

If any of you are familiar with NYX you will know that they do a fantastic range of lipsticks in many different colors. One particular color collection I'm really liking is their Macaron Lippies. They are basically a collection of lipsticks in pastel sort of shades along with some really funky colors like blue and purple. I have a few of these already and I was eager to add some more to my collection. I'm also a fan of really unusual colored lipsticks and the Macaron range has plenty to choose from.

I got on E Bay two colors from the collection - Lavender and Key Lime. Lavender is your sort of lavender purple while Key Lime is a bright green color. Both colors are great for Spring and Summer and not for the faint hearted. Although the Lavender is more of a conventional color out of the two.

This one is a really pretty color and is more pastelly toned. It does come out quite intense and out in the sunlight it does show up nice and bright. If you love your purple tones, this is definitely a color for you. The Macaron lippies do have a nice creamy texture to them, although they will need building up if you like your color really intense. It didn't take long for me to build this one up and once on it stayed on for quite some time before I did need to reapply.

Key Lime
Don't go for Key Lime unless you like experimenting with color. This one is this really awesome green color and is not one for those afraid of color. If like me you like unusual colors, this one is perfect. I paired this one with a green look on this eyes and it looked awesome. Like Lavender this one also had a creamy texture and did need building up. I did find throughout the day I did need to reapply it as some of it had come off. For some reason it didn't last as long on the lips as Lavender. It is still a great color and one I am proud to have in my collection.

The NYX Macaron range is fantastic and also great if you are on a budget as it isn't expensive either. My favorite out of the two had to be Lavender, because I love my pinks and purples. I really liked Key Lime too as it is a fantastic unusual color. The best way to buy NYX is online on their website, although I'm not sure if they still have these lipsticks in stock. E Bay is another good choice as I have bought Macaron lipsticks before on there.


  1. I have a really similar stargazer lavander lippy that I love but I never get the chance to wear it! I've only recently invested in NYX. They're such a good brand!


  2. These colours look amazing. I can see so many different occassions and ways to wear them in summer :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

    1. I'd wear them in the winter too, but summer does bring out bright colors nicely x

  3. These are so vibrant. They suit you but I am most definetly not brave enough for anything this bold x

  4. Those colours are bold and beautiful. Great that they are a budget brand too.