Saturday, 24 February 2018

Urban Decay Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette

Lipstick palettes are that one product I wish more brands would release. Almost every brand brings out an eyeshadow palette but when it comes to lipstick palettes not a lot of brands bring them out. Last year Urban Decay released a lipstick palette called Vice Metal Meets Matte. Santa actually brought me this at Christmas and I have loved using it.

Top - Banger, Amulet, Fast Talk, Big Bang, Mad, Spark
Bottom - CSB, Tame, Backtalk, Double Team, Shallow, 714

The packaging is very nice and hardwearing and inside are 12 different lipsticks in a range of different finishes. The colors are protected by a plastic cover that opens which says 'Lipstick is my vice.' Another bonus is the really good quality retractable lip brush that is included.

The great thing about this palette is there are a wide range of colors to suit everyone from neutral to dramatic. The palette is also very compact too meaning you can carry it around with you and isn't at all heavy.

I like neutrals when wearing a dark eyeshadow, although I am a fan of lipsticks that do stand out. If like me you love your color, this palette is definitely for you as you will love colors such as CSB, Shallow and Spark. For the fan of neutrals, Amulet, Tame, Backtalk and Fast Talk will definitely suit you.

I wasn't a fan of the glossy lip colors in this palette. Fortunately there are more non glossy than glossy. I loved Big Bang as a color, but didn't like the glossy finish. My favorite color had to be Shallow.

The non gloss finish lipsticks do stay on for quite some time and are very comfortable to wear. The gloss ones probably do stay on for a while but I didn't keep them on long enough to see.

Double Team


  1. Looks lovely! I think I like the double team look best, it is definitely more the colours that I'd wear everyday :) x

  2. That looks like a fab palette I love uraban decay eyeshadow but never tried any of the lip products.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of lip palettes like this as I prefer a physical lipstick, but the colours are lovely x

  4. oh wow see I love pinks so this would be ideal for me and although the darker shades never suit me I love them anyway

  5. Sounds like there are plenty of things to love about this palette. I love the shades, they're highly pigmented and the colors are stunning! The packaging is awesome as well.

  6. Love the way you've styled Double Team and Mad - they're my favourite shades from this palette. I've still yet to try Urban Decay make-up!

  7. What a great looking palette - shame you didn't like the glossy lip colours but overall looks lovely.

  8. Love Double Team. I have a few bits and pieces from Urban Decay but find them a bit too 'out there' for everyday wear.

  9. Oh wow what gorgeous colours, they all seem really wearable even though they are such bold shades. I have a lip palette and love it, it's just awkward to take out with me for touching up on nights out.

  10. Loving these richer and deeper shades, perfect makeup for a night out in the city

    Laura x