Saturday, 24 February 2018

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar

Too Faced's White Chocolate Bar is one of the latest Chocolate themed palettes the brand have released. I got the White Chocolate Bar Palette for Christmas and have loved using it. There are plenty of colors to choose from in a mix of matte and shimmer, 16 to be precise. It comes in packaging that looks exactly like a chocolate bar, so good I could eat it right now. What's even better is it actually has cocoa powder in it, giving it that amazing chocolate scent.

Top - Mint Chocolate, Glaze, Cake Batter, Exotica, Chocolate Syrup
Middle - Pearl Candy, Raspberry Rose, Indulge, Lavender Cake, Guilt Free, Smoked Sea Salt
Bottom - Frosted Apricot, Cookie Dough, Sugared Raisin, Black Sugar, Banana Date

With so many fantastic colors to choose from it can be tricky deciding what to start with. I liked using the paler shades such as Banana Date and Glaze as base colors and then layered other colors on top. Pearl Candy is an amazing white shimmer and makes a very good highlighter. The mattes in this palette are very good and are very blendable and don't feel at all dry or powdery. Pigment is insane and I didn't need to use a lot to get the colors to show up. They didn't crease or fade either and stayed on all day. My favorite colors were Lavender Cake, Black Sugar, Pearl Candy and Raspberry Rose.

Sugared Raisin, Pearl Candy, Indulge

Lavender Cake,  Black Sugar

Raspberry Rose, Sugared Raisin, Guilt Free, Black Sugar


  1. Love the range of colours in the palette - the mint chocolate looks like my kind of colour! Like the raspberry rose, sugared raisin, guilt free and black sugar combo that you put together too :)

  2. Too Faced seem to do some really interesting palettes, I have to admit I really didn't expect to see such colours in this palette they are really nice though.

  3. I love the first look - it's so fun playing around with new colours and combinations!

  4. Oh that's a cute palette with the chocolate bar look! The colours aren't really my shades but you look great!

  5. Love the way this palette looks like a chocolate bar! Whilst I don't think I'd wear those shades, I love that shade on you - your makeup skills are incredible!

  6. That's such a pretty palette. I'd love to try the Raspberry Rose.

  7. This looks like such a gorgeous palette, although not the shades i'd typically wear. They look great on you though! x

  8. This is really cool, I like the colors a lot! I'd wear a lot of these!