Monday, 25 December 2017

NYX Faux Whites

When it comes to eye makeup I love using a brightener on my bottom lash line. This year NYX have released a product called Faux Whites. They are basically white eyeliners with a hint of colors. There are 8 available in a good choice of colors.

Colors are - Seashell (Pale Pink), Linen (Pastel Peach), Vanilla (Pastel Yellow), Honeydew (Pastel Lime Green), Mint Cream (Seafoam), Baby Powder (Pale Blue), Lavender Blush (Pale Lavender) and White Smoke (Periwinkle).

Baby Powder, White Smoke, Lavender Blush, Seashell, Linen, Vanilla, Mint Cream

I love to use these in the corner of my eyes to make them stand out. The pigment in these is very good and they have a nice creamy texture too. No need to push down or tug as the color shows up really easy. They don't fade either and stay on all day.

Baby Powder

White Smoke

Mint Cream



Lavender Blush



  1. They're lovely. I don't usually wear such bright colours but you really suit them

  2. These look great. Such striking colours and they look like they are long lasting :)

  3. Never knew they did these! They really suit you!

  4. I think baby powder is my favourite. They are surprisingly effective, aren't they?

  5. These are so lovely - I must look out for them for my daughter. Kaz

  6. Oh, wow. These are gorgeous! I don't think I could pull them off, but they look incredible on you :)

    Louise x

  7. I have the NYX white and I love it for adding a touch of brightness to my eye area, it really makes my eyes pop x

  8. ooh I like these pastel colours. They are lovely and I'd love these for myself.

  9. Wow! These are so lovely! I wonder if this will be great in my face too.

  10. Love the sound of the Lavender Blush! I haven't thought to use these kinds of products before? x